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Teacher suspended for inability to read, write


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A school teacher in London who had been approved by a special training program now has been suspended from his teaching position because he can’t read or write. reported Faisal Ahmed was suspended from his post at the Catholic school St. Thomas More in Wood Green, even though he had graduated from the TeachFirst program.

“Struggling to read and write was not enough to stop a teacher getting a job at a top secondary school,” reported.

Ahmed has dyspraxia, which affects a person’s coordination, and he had told the headmaster he was unable to write for more than a short time.

But TeachFirst, a special program that pays salaries to teacher candidates while they are studying for advanced qualifications exams, had not told school officials of the condition.

“The scandal emerged when Mr. Ahmed, who is in his 30s, sued the school for constructive dismissal and disability discrimination after he quit in anger,” the Daily Mail said. “Papers obtained by the Sun showed that Mr. Ahmed lost his legal battle and subsequent appeal over the 2016 scandal, with the London Central Employment and Tribunal throwing out his claims last month.

Jihad Watch Director Robert Spencer commented: “Apparently not referring him for the job, and not hiring him, would have been ‘Islamophobic.'”

TeachFirst officials told the Daily Mail they have the highest standards, and their participants must have expertise for teaching.

“We have always welcomed applications from candidates with disabilities and additional needs – and work with them, the school and university partners to provide any extra training and support needed to ensure their teaching is of the highest quality,” the group said.


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