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May 21, 2016

Letter from a loving dad to his daughter who is only just waking up

My dear daughter, you are fully aware that I know what I’m talking about. You are also aware that I always give sound advice. You know that I know hundreds of times better than most people what goes on in the world and what happened in the past. You just struggle to keep up with all my “conspiracy theories,” even though I have never lied to you and I’ve proven again and again that I was telling the truth and nothing but the truth.

Yes, I have a thing for so-called conspiracy theories, just like I always like to read espionage thrillers such as the novels of John le Carré. However, that doesn’t mean that I’m devoid of common sense. I don’t believe every single conspiracy theory that I hear. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the nuttier ones were spread by the very people who have reasons to fear the ones that are true.

One example that comes to my mind is the so-called “flat earth theory”. I don’t even care if Earth was round or flat. I could not care less. It does not matter. I don’t need any more proof that this world is run by pathological liars. They are like actors, paid liars. That’s why most people no longer believe lawyers, politicians, journalists and - increasingly - doctors and university professors. They are professional liars. Full stop.

People can get defensive when one questions their most cherished beliefs. Everybody does. However, there are countless examples, where it is possible to expose elite hoaxes, without automatically being considered a “hater.”

A good non-controversial proof for outrageous lying by the establishment, on a gigantic scale, are NASA’s moon landings. Rumours have been ripe for years, that something was not right about the official story. The fact, that NASA refused to publish the original recordings but only allowed low-quality screen recordings, making professional image analysis impossible, is obviously highly suspicious. Add to that the hundreds of tell-tale signs, such as the US flag flattering in the non-existing moon wind or the impossibly deep imprints on the alleged moon surface, giving more food to the suspicion that the moon travel footage was in fact taken in Hollywood. The final proof for me, as for many others, was the publication of the Stanley Kubrick's interview titled “Dark Side of the Moon.”

In that video, top-nudge US filmmaker Kubrick described how he was commissioned by the US government to fake the landing on the moon. A week after giving that interview, Kubrick died, hardly a coincidence. I suspect that “they” did not have enough dirt on him to be able to destroy him, so they just killed him instead.

Not all government hoaxes, unfortunately, are as benign as the landing on the moon, even though the waste of taxpayers’ money was nothing short of obscene. Take the example of Saddam Hussein’s WMDs. The only mass destruction that Hussein gave cause to was the utter devastation brought on Iraq by Allied forces and their local proxies.

By now, thirteen years later, most people have worked out, that the 2003 invasion had nothing to do with the non-existing Iraqi WMDs, but Western greed. It was about the pillaging of Iraqi oil and about forcing Iraq to accept a central bank run by Chase Manhattan, owned by David Rockefeller. Iraq, at that time, was one of only seven countries in the world that didn’t already have a privately-owned central bank. That’s exactly the reason why they were earmarked for regime change by the United States’ government.

The events in Iraq were obviously pretty bad, but they pale compared to what happened to “Nazi Germany”. The latter was a real “Hellstorm”, the title used by one of the best books and documentaries describing the genocidal war crimes committed on the German people not only towards the end but after the end of World War II.

When confronted with descriptions of what happened, most Germans and also foreigners automatically respond with a statement like, the German people brought it onto themselves. They have been conditioned all their lives to respond that way, like a Pavlovian dog.

It’s all due to the official narrative about big bad Adolf and the alleged murder of six million Jews by “Nazi Germany.” It should be obvious though for anyone capable of critical thinking and common sense, that there must be something wrong with the official story. You don’t even need to bother studying the hundreds and thousands of books written by revisionists, under tremendous personal sacrifices, and weigh their arguments against the virtually non-existing counter-arguments of Holocaust Orthodoxy, to realise why Holocaust revisionists are systematically ostracised, economically destroyed, if not imprisoned or even murdered. The Holocaust orthodoxy obviously has something to hide.

Why are legally persecuted Holocaust revisionists refused the opportunity to defend themselves by providing evidence for the truthfulness of their claims? It is pretty obvious, for an intelligent person, that laws preventing revisionists of providing evidence for the truthfulness of the statements they are being accused of are not about protecting historic truth from hateful lies, but the other way round.

It’s not like the truthfulness of the official “Holocaust” narrative is not and was never disputed. For a widely held belief to be considered “self-evident,” in a legal sense, making attempts to provide evidence for the contrary a frivolous abuse of court proceedings, that belief has to be undisputed. The official “Holocaust” story though was disputed from day one and has been controversial ever since.

If you wonder, why the “Holocaust” still matters, over 70 years after the alleged events, then think about why politicians and media still go on and on about it every day. The “Holocaust” is the reason, why both Palestinian and German refugees, and their descendants, are still refused their internationally guaranteed “right of return.” The “Holocaust” is also the reason, why Germans supposedly have no right to prevent millions of so-called “Syrians refugees” to invade and take over their country. 71 years after the end of World War II, the “Holocaust” matters even more than it ever did. This is exactly why it’s still being shoved down our throat, every day.

Considering the possibility that we are constantly lied to on such a gigantic scale is nothing short of a nightmare. I know it’s hard to imagine that all those soft-spoken and mild-mannered people in our establishment are as evil as l say. It's true; our world is being ruled by monsters. They are not just pathologically greedy hard-nosed professional criminals; they are – more often than not - criminally insane mass-murderous psychopaths.

Time to wake up, my darling daughter, and face the ugly truth. You can’t fight the monster under your bed while being asleep or leave all the fighting to the grown-ups. You must turn on the light, open your eyes and let the real nightmare begin.