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Behold a Pale Horse by William Cooper

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Pale Horse Rider by  William Cooper, the Rise of Conspiracy, and the Fall of Trust in America

We are living in a time of unprecedented distrust in America: Faith in the government is at an all-time low, and political groups on both sides of the aisle are able to tout preposterous conspiracy theories as gospel, without much opposition.

“Fake news” is the order of the day. This book is about a man to whom all of it points, the greatest conspiracist of this generation and a man you may not have heard of.

A former U.S. naval intelligence worker, Milton William Cooper published his manifesto Behold a Pale Horse in 1991. Since then it has gone on to sell hundreds of thousands of copies.

According to Behold a Pale Horse, JFK was assassinated by his driver, AIDS is a government conspiracy to kill “unwanted” Americans, and the Illuminati are secretly involved with the U.S. government to manage relationships with extraterrestrials.

William Cooper died in a shootout with Apache County sheriffs deputies in 2001, two months after September 11, in the year in which he had predicted catastrophe. Journalist Mark Jacobson not only tells the story of Cooper’s fascinating life but also provides the social and political context for American paranoia.