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The end is nigh ... for Google, Facebook

Joseph Farah

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An incredible peak into the future of the Internet

The genius George Gilder has a new book everyone who reads this column should read.

As much as I despise what is becoming – a super-exploitive monopoly, an enemy of free speech, a purveyor of political correctness, greed and avarice – I grant you an indulgence to order it today from the retail beast for delivery tomorrow. (You will thank me for it.)

It’s called “Life After Google: The Fall of Big Data and the Rise of the Blockchain Economy.”

It will rock your world – and Google’s, not to mention Facebook’s, YouTube’s, Twitter’s and Amazon’s.

As you know, if you have read what has become an ongoing series of reports by me on what I call “The Digital Cartel,” I am convinced these companies collectively represent an imminent, existential threat to our inalienable First Amendment freedoms, not to mention our privacy.

I have long held Gilder in high esteem. He provided inspiration to me launching 21 years ago, the first independent online news service in the world. I even tried to get him to invest at the time. Some of his visionary disciples did.

The good news from Gilder is that Google is built on a house of cards. The preposterously ambitious mission behind it contains within it a self-destruct algorithm – just as did the idea for the Tower of Babel.

But, I am getting ahead of myself. I don’t want to tell you why Google is going down. I want you to hear it directly from Gilder, one of the world’s greatest minds. Read his own words so I do not misrepresent them.

For the last eight months at least, I have told you how this Digital Cartel is systematically strangling free speech, freedom of the press and freedom of religion. They would scoff at my assertion, but that’s because they do not understand these institutions, these values, these ideals as the 18th century Christian gentlemen who crafted the Bill of Rights did. I’ve also told you the price has been paying since the Digital Cartel adopted its scorched-earth policies against the independent media following the 2016 election. I won't even attempt to review it all, though I have included a collection of relevant links for those who would like all the gory details.

Suffice it to say, Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Amazon think the world would be a better place without independent media voices that counter the assumptions and speech codes of the political-correctness police. They have zero tolerance for other points of view – even individual voices and people, bloggers and podcasters, those with small video channels and small followings. I see as the canary in the coalmine of this cabal’s current Orwellian, Big Brother, grand social experiment to eradicate dissent. Imagine the consequences and ramifications of the fall of that domino – the first independent online media company!

That’s why I have no shyness or apprehension about telling you how dire our situation is. We are a target. We’ve been attacked. We’re seriously wounded. We need your help and we need it now.

It boosts my spirit when someone like George Gilder understands our plight, but it doesn’t pay the bills. It doesn’t help us mend our wounds so we can fight another day.

That’s where those who hear me and comprehend the enormity of this struggle come into play. I am not naïve enough to think there are no alternatives to WND. I am not so proud that I think the world would end if our effort at independent journalism came to a crashing halt.

But I don’t believe God brought us through the last 21 years only to watch us fizzle out. I think he saw us through other crises in the past to strengthen our resolve for this present titanic fight.

Will you help us in this hour of need?

First, pray for our resolve and endurance.

And, second, please help rescue us from the bleeding with some financial relief.

Help us to raise a much-needed additional $100,000 through August – our biggest crisis period yet. We’re already nearly 20 percent of the way there, thanks to many of you. You may not be able to give $1,000 or even $100. But everyone who understands the stakes can contribute $10 or even $3.

You can also support WND’s groundbreaking new book, “The Gospel in Every Book of the Old Testament,” with your tax-deductible contributions in any amount to the fabulous missions organization, Gospel for All Nations, which has adopted the project to help spread the truth of the Good News around the world. This book, coming out in hardcover in September, is an important part of WND’s recovery, rebirth and revitalization plan for later this year. Your help with book-printing and marketing expenses will help immensely to weather this storm – not to mention help us distribute this compelling and redemptive "breakthrough Bible book."


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