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Trump Prediction Comes True, FBI Plays Hardball


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Editor’s Note: Recently, Newsmax reported on Jerome Corsi’s warning about a “wicked attack” against President Trump by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

That attack has happened with the unprecedented invasion of the president’s personal lawyer’s office and seizure of his confidential communications.

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Corsi also says more is coming!

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The morning after an FBI raid on his longtime personal attorney Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump took to Twitter early Tuesday to continue venting his anger about it.

He began by asserting that "attorney-client privilege is dead" and, in a second tweet, again decried the raid as "A TOTAL WITCH HUNT!!!"

Trump's reactions have revived fears he might do the unthinkable and fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

In an eight-minute diatribe on Monday evening that ranked as one of the president’s most vivid public responses to an investigation that has embroiled top aides and allies, Trump blasted the early-morning raid targeting Cohen as “disgraceful” and an “attack on our country.”

Few people outside his family are closer to Trump than Cohen.

“I think it’s a disgrace what’s going on, we’ll see what happens,” Trump said Monday.