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A2A with John Titus

Turd Feguson

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John Titus is the publisher of the YouTube channel, "Best Evidence". His recent works have included extraordinary documentaries on subjects such as The Financial Crisis and the lack of criminal prosecutions in the years since. His latest production, "All The Plenary's Men" will be released on Friday.

Most readers of TFMR are familiar with John's work. His documentaries have covered...

John's new production deals with the corruptive power held by the Bank of International Settlements and its agents. Its title is "All The Plenary's Men" and, once it's released on Friday, it will be embedded below.

Ahead of the release, it was great to visit directly with John about his work and I think you'll find this to be a fascinating and thought-provoking podcast.


John Titus

John Titus holds a masters degree in electrical engineering as well as a law degree and he uses these to pursue his "day job". However, John is also a staunch critic of central banking the federal reserve system and his diligent research has uncovered numerous lies and deceptions from the U.S. Federal Reserve regarding their actions/policies since 2008.

John is the creator and executive producer of the "BestEvidence" YouTube channel and all of his documentaries can be found there. I encourage you to visit his site and watch all of the videos that he has produced.