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Her name is Janet Yellen and she controls the most powerful financial institution ever created — the Federal Reserve.

It is also one of the most secretive.

And for the next year, Yellen and her Federal Reserve Board, almost entirely appointed by President Barack Obama, will have almost dictatorial control over the entire U.S. banking system and the entire global financial system.

Now, bestselling author James Dale Davidson blows the whistle on Yellen's plot to stop Trump.

In his new book The Breaking Point: Profit From the Coming Money Cataclysm, Davidson reveals why and how the Fed will ratchet rates to create an economic nightmare for Trump.

From the famed economist who made one amazing prediction after another including. . . the fall of the Berlin Wall, 2008 financial meltdown, Brexit and even Trump's surprise election victory . . . a shocking new warning to investors . . . Liberal "insiders" are conspiring to trigger a devastating market crash to blame on President Trump . . .

It will destroy the so-called "recovery."

He predicts the Dow could easily fall back to 7,000 — a shocking collapse from its recent highs.

The Breaking Point reveals the total corruption of our free market system.

Davidson shows how Obama and his minions rigged government numbers and statistics to create the mirage of a prosperous economy.

And he says hidden laws and regulations are trapping you and your wealth in the U.S.

At the center of the maelstrom is the biggest money-grabbing hoax ever unleashed . . . the monetary policies of the Federal Reserve.

Just as The Breaking Point went to print, Yellen and her Obama acolytes moved to raise interest rates.

They even vowed to raise interest rates at least three more times in 2017!

The handwriting is on the wall.

America is at her Breaking Point!

Davidson's new book could mean the difference between prosperity or calamity for you in 2017 and beyond!

Read on for this timely and wealth-saving message . . .

A global economic catastrophe is now virtually locked in . . . and America will soon fall.

The "insiders" have decided to stop Trump.