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Dr. Frank R. Wallace, Author of Neo-Tech Discovery

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Jan. 25, 2012

This article is also part of Dr. Frank R. Wallace's book - Neo-Tech Discovery. And I am just trying to help expose this Anticivilization

we live at present time by sharing portions of his manuscript.


Attached also are two literary articles he wrote which are parts of the same book titled "Cassandra's Secret" and "The Nothingness Drain".


Thanks a lot for posting such very valuable knowledge.


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Chapter 22

Cassandra's Secret

Dr. Frank R. Wallace

Author of Neo-Tech Discovery


13th Century BC


Cassandra of Troy possessed the power to predict the future with perfect accuracy. But, no one would believe her. Thus, everyone missed collecting unlimited riches.


Imagine you are speaking to an old friend. Suddenly, you realize every conversation, every action, no matter how seemingly reasonable or conventional, is geared toward losing values and happiness. Suddenly, you see this mundane, completely "normal" experience as bizarrely unnatural. Then, you see nearly everyone and all society as hypnotized losers in a civilization that is irrational, insane.


Next, you realize your own children, your spouse, your own self, all who seem to live with some success and happiness, are equally trapped in an insane civilization that always moves toward loss and death. You then realize the only realm of consistent sanity and increasing values lies within value-producing professions and market-driven businesses.


Breaking the Hypnotic Spell


First, you must choose to live in either a sane civilization or an insane one. An insane civilization is one that shrinks backward into irrationality. In today's anticivilization, essentially all thinking and knowledge are hypnotically contracting into ever more narrow ranges that increasingly block honesty and understanding. Thus, communication and actions are becoming increasingly politically correct, irrational, and harmfully split from reality...increasingly schizophrenic.


Hypnotic irrationality grips Earth's anticivilization. That spreading irrationality yields a decaying system in which increasing entropy brings decreasing order and increasing strife. That, in turn, brings declining job-and-value creation. Thus, whenever irrationality prevails, time must be redefined as running backward toward increasing ignorance, poverty, and entropy.


With consciousness as the controlling force of existence, the arrow of time in physics is reversed and must be redefined: In an open and eternally evolving universe, time flows forward toward decreasing entropy (increasing order) as controlled by productive conscious actions, not toward increasing entropy (decreasing order) as controlled by nonconscious actions or destructive conscious actions.


In a naturally evolving civilization with decreasing entropy (increasing order and harmony), competitive value production constantly expands. Thus, with rationality prevailing, time runs forward toward expanding knowledge, prosperity, and decreasing entropy.


Various aspects of this time-and-energy flow throughout the cosmos are observationally and experimentally demonstrated by electromagnetic-plasma cosmology -- a cosmology first identified by Nobel laureate Hannes Alfvén -- backed by Nobel laureates de Broglie, Schrödinger, and Prigogine -- then advanced by Eric J. Lerner in his popular book, The Big Bang Never Happened (Vantage Books, 1992).


Now comes the real discovery: You discover what everyone on Earth fears, including yourself. You discover what no one on Earth wants, including yourself. You discover how anyone on Earth can become rich, powerful, happy -- quickly, guiltlessly, eternally. Yet, only with great concentration and effort do you break your hypnotic paralysis enough to barely open the easy-turning spigot to limitless riches.


Something seems paradoxical or upside down about the above paragraph, especially when restated as follows: Everyone on Earth, including you, fears and shuns that which brings exciting riches and romantic happiness!


On learning Cassandra's Secret, you will understand the above statement. You will view reality from wider dimensions. You will understand this anticivilization. You will see the invisible hypnotic state in which everyone on Earth loses the values of life. You will then awaken to win everything -- fabulous riches and happiness while benefiting everyone and society. You will discover what Zonpower is; you will discover that Zon is you. ...Those who do not rise to understand Cassandra's Secret will remain asleep in malignant irrationality, steadily losing their lives and happiness.


You Control Reality


Cassandra's Secret vanishes irrationalities and mysticisms, ranging from the false concepts of a finite existence and the singularity big-bang creation of the universe to the criminal concepts of socialized collectivism and political-agenda laws backed by ego "justice". ...Cassandra's Secret operates from two directions: (1) it vanishes irrational illusions, (2) it reveals objective reality. Now, consider the following two points:


  1. You can Vanish Irrationality: From the widest-scope knowledge possible, Cassandra's Secret interweaves the essences of science, reality, business, and human consciousness to reveal a stunningly benevolent and bountiful civilization -- a civilization 180o different from the one in which we all live. That endlessly rich civilization is available now -- easily available to any conscious being on Earth who realizes the impotent nothingness of all irrationalities, mysticisms, and insanities.


Today, the disease of irrationality infests everyone on Earth. Cassandra's Secret reveals how by stepping into the Civilization of the Universe, you cure that disease -- you vanish irrationality into its nothingness.


  1. You are the Controlling, Fixed Center of Existence: Human consciousness is eternal. It has always been a fixed part of existence as demonstrated in Chapter 6. Indeed, human consciousness is the prime mover of existence.


The above statement implies nothing mystical about consciousness. Cassandra's Secret is not at all about new-age ideas, pantheistic Eastern mysticism, or some abstract "universal consciousness". It is about the limitless power of your own down-to-earth consciousness. Moreover, you must understand that consciousness can never create reality or existence.[ 78 ] Any claim that consciousness creates reality or existence is mystical. For, any such claim contradicts the nature of both consciousness and existence. ...Existence was not created. Existence simply exists as eternally evolving fields of matter and energy.


Existence cannot not exist.


Indeed, consciousness is the sole integrator and controller of existence. Thus, consciousness is the prime mover of existence. Ever wider scopes of integrations unleash the limitless power of human consciousness. By contrast, irrationalities and mysticisms are diseases of human consciousness that truncate the power to integrate reality. For, integration of reality can never move beyond any point of irrationality or mysticism. By curing irrationality comes (1) ever growing knowledge of existence, (2) ever growing control of existence, and (3) ever growing prosperity and happiness.


Newton's absolute physics, Einstein's relativistic physics, and Bohr's quantum physics are reconciled by the ever widening knowledge generated from human consciousness free of mysticisms and irrationalities. Indeed, existence is controlled to eternally provide ever wider, integrated knowledge and riches for every conscious being. In other words, your consciousness is the fixed center and ultimate controller of existence.

* * *

Cassandra's Secret comprises the widest-scope integration with reality to yield accurate predictions of the future. Cassandra's Secret is based on observed facts, scientific research, and direct experience combined with inductive and deductive reasoning ranging from well-demonstrated theory and objective law to speculative hypotheses moving toward rejection or confirmation.


But, Cassandra's Secret is in no way dependent on recognition or approval by anyone, much less the Establishment. For, the anticivilization Establishment is irrelevant to evolving knowledge and progress. Moreover, the fully integrated honesty and wide-scope integrations of Cassandra's Secret will ultimately end all bogus livelihoods -- all livelihoods arising from professional value destroyers corrupting today's political, legal, scientific, and educational systems.


The ideas revealed by Cassandra's Secret are now propagating through worldwide networks, beyond the reach of oppressive "authorities" and their gun-backed political agendas. Neo-Tech spreads independently of the Establishment media and academe. The key is Neo-Tech publications -- free cyberspace publications combined with low-cost newsprint publications in twelve languages mass distributed by worldwide mailings from many countries.


The certitude arising from Cassandra's Secret quietly spreads from those Neo-Tech publications to the populations throughout the world. Nothing can stop that certitude from spreading in print and through cyberspace. The revelations of Cassandra's Secret will bring honest, rational people eternal prosperity and happiness.




[ 78 ] However, consciousness can and does control the modes of existence such as matter, energy, and space-time geometries to evolve new modes of existence, including new universes.




Here’s an excerpt from a Neo-Tech article that explain the meaning of “The Nothingness Drain” and how to stop it from deceiving you any farther.

The Nothingness Drain


Avoidance of integrated thinking eventually leads to workers dependent on white-collar-hoax managements. Thus, in turn, they become dependent on force-backed government regulations to protect their livelihoods. And that leads to the Nothingness Drain (see Mark Hamilton's Neo-Tech Cosmic Business Control). The Nothingness Drain occurs whenever large amounts of resources are spent on an activity made to appear important, but in reality that activity produces no net values. On closer examination, the purpose of such deceptive activity is to provide bogus jobs and public admiration to uncompetitive value usurpers.

The epitome of the Nothingness Drain is exemplified by government and the media. The media, armed with the latest, highly sophisticated technology, descend upon politicians in a great flurry of activity. The politicians, in order to appear important, are scurrying about devising a maze of laws and regulations in the name of some trendy cause to be forced upon productive individuals. But, for what gain? The bottom line is that absolutely zero net values are produced by that great flurry of activity. In fact, such unproductive, uncompetitive political and media activity serves only to devour vast amounts of producers' time, energy, and capital.

One sees the Nothingness Drain everywhere. In fact, the Nothingness Drain is so pervasive that it can appear as though there is a conspiracy among diabolical masterminds orchestrating vast Nothingness-Drain empires. But that is not so. There is not a masterminded "external authority" conspiracy out there. People just follow the path of least resistance. They do not break into competitive, integrated thinking. Thus, they remain dependent on "external authorities" and their self-perpetuating Nothingness-Drain empires.

Ever since the Greek philosopher Aristotle, fundamental and valid identifications have repeatedly been made about the irrationality and destructiveness of force-backed government -- of force-backed "external authority". But to no avail. The institutions of force have always prevailed. Why? Because their support structure -- personal mysticism (avoidance of integrated thinking) in millions of people seeking the path of least resistance -- has prevailed. Indeed, even the valid philosophical/political systems such as Objectivism, Libertarianism, Voluntarism focus too much attention on the evils of "external authority". For those "external authorities" are not even real. They produce nothing. They are just nothingness that result from ordinary people taking the path of least resistance through life. The real nemesis of mankind is the avoidance of integrated thinking. The avoidance of integrated thinking keeps the individual dependent on "external authority".[ 45 ]

Objectivists, Libertarians, Voluntarists validly identify the hoax of "external authority" and the supremacy of the individual but never succeed in collapsing external authority. Why? They themselves, with only a few exceptions, do not exert competitive, money-making, integrated thinking in their careers. Thus, in the end, their livelihoods are dependent on others. They, too, are ultimately dependent on an external authority. Objectivists, Libertarians, Voluntarists will never be able to eliminate the same "external authority" institutions they denounce. Without competitive, business-like integrated thinking, no person or group can ever collapse the structure of "external authority" or any form of institutionalized mysticism.

But, when a person starts integrated thinking in his career, he never again depends on others to maintain a livelihood. That independent thinker, by his very nature, is Laissez Faire, leave-me-alone oriented. Such integrated thinkers naturally do not support Nothingness Drains or "external authorities". By their very nature, they dislike and subvert white-collar hoaxes, "external authority", and all other Nothingness Drains.

Regardless of how clearly, how effectively Objectivist, Libertarian, or Voluntarist intellectuals identify and then expose the immoral, destructive nature of force-backed "external authority", they will never be able to stop such neocheaters.[ 46 ] Competitive pressure of business is the only dynamic that will collapse "external authority". Nothing else can. For only such competitive pressure can drive more and more people into integrated thinking.

Integrated Thinking Stops The Nothingness Drain


The integrated thinker never feels a sense of livelihood vulnerability. He inherently knows he will succeed anywhere, anytime. He is integrated with the essence of value production.

Other essence builders do not represent a long-range threat to the integrated thinker. For, the integrated thinker builds upon the value foundations of other essence builders.

If the world were populated with integrated thinkers, even if they did not explicitly identify the hoax of "external authority", all force-backed empires, all institutionalized mysticism would collapse. For, the support pillars would no longer exist. Indeed, the integrated thinker is a profit-generating essence mover. He is not dependent on anyone else -- especially not on government neocheaters to protect his livelihood.

But, in today's conscious/mystic world, a constant and pervasive resistance toward integrated thinking exists. Even if a person is enthusiastic about Neo-Tech concepts, he will still avoid integrated thinking in his jobif he has not been previously exposed to hard, money-making integrated thinking. Money-making integrated thinking is completely alien to most.

MYSTICISMis the creation of problems where none exist. Mysticism is both an individual and a collective disease that puts people in coffins and societies on crutches. Mysticism leaves empty heads and instills sour faces on people. Mysticism is an act of war on rational thinking, honest effort, prosperous happiness, and life itself.

NEOCHEATING is the deceptive manipulation of mysticism to extract values earned by others.

[46]. MYSTICS AND NEOCHEATERS are people who live by attacking values created by others rather than by producing values for others and society. Mystics and neocheaters make good seem bad and bad seem good. They trash the good and protect the bad. They attack integrated, essence-moving business thinking and actions. They attack Neothink and Neo-Tech.