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The Meeting of the Grand Poobahs


By Anna Von Reitz

July 9th 2017


Immediately after the Revolutionary War each one of the new nation states began issuing money. Those that issued coinage of gold and silver fared all right, but struggled with supply. Those that issued paper "script" were almost immediately beset with counterfeiting problems.


It turns out that the British government (yes, this is after the end of the Revolutionary War) deliberately flooded the market with counterfeit script to "confound" the newly formed states' economies.


People started saying that things "weren't worth a Continental! (dollar)" as a result.


It was substantially because of this British counterfeiting fiasco, that the states delegated their right to issue money to a national authority--- their own land jurisdiction Congress.


After the so-called Civil War the British-based interlopers craftily substituted their own private corporate "Congress" and proceeded to substitute and counterfeit our currency for profit.


Lincoln issued "Green backs" instead of silver dollars, floated on the value of our labor (our backs) and 1040 Bonds -- so called because you could choose to redeem them after ten or forty years-- which were used to extract the value of our labor and put it in European pockets.


This same scheme morphed into the "1040 Form" which was enforced by the foreign, private Internal Revenue Service as a tax--- used to back U.S. Treasury Bonds, and later, IMF Bonds.


The ultimate counterfeit job was pulled off by the "Federal Reserve System" substituting their paper promises known as "Federal Reserve Notes" for our American Silver Dollars. The scam was so successful that even people in America called these pieces of paper "dollars".


There were numerous ways used to embezzle value from us.


First, the "Federal Reserve" paid only a few pennies to print the "Federal Reserve Notes", and received back the whole face value of the note, plus interest, for their trouble.


Hello? Read that part over again as many times as necessary until you truly understand it.


Second, via the Emergency Banking Act and other patently bogus legislation, the fake corporate "Congress" established in 1868, granted itself the right to "exchange" their Federal Reserve Notes for our actual American Silver Dollars on a "dollar for dollar" basis.


Hmmm..... since when does a "promise to pay" create an equitable exchange for actual silver? Especially when such an exchange is enforced on people without their consent by private, mostly foreign-owned corporations masquerading as their lawful government?


Using this patently bogus "legislation" as their excuse, the vermin emptied out Fort Knox right under the watchful eyes of the U.S. Army. Bill Clinton transported the last of it during his administration.


Third, the asset backing the "Federal Reserve Notes" was gradually, steadily downgraded--- first, FDR removed the gold backing, then Nixon removed the silver backing, then we bobbled along with the "Petrodollar" with oil backing the Federal Reserve Notes, until finally, in 2009, the "Federal Reserve System" was declared bankrupt.


The British and French controlled "U.S. Government" went right on printing "Federal Reserve Notes" backed by nothing at all. In fact, they stepped up production and printed as many of these "Federal Reserve Notes" as they humanly, possibly could. And they continued to encourage and promote the confusion between their I.O.U.s and our actual American Silver Dollars.


During the Obummer Administration actual "federal" printing presses and mint plates were exported out of this country to Thailand, France, and the Philippines, and over a trillion fake $100 bills were printed. Thankfully, not all of them got distributed, but many did--- truckloads and railroad cars full of them.


There were other problems showing up, too.


The British Finance Ministry finally jerked awake and made the public observance that something was wrong with the figures of total tonnage of world gold supplies. They had been informed that only 1500 tons of gold had ever been mined in the history of the world, and that's the basis they were using to peg gold values--but that is obviously a gross underestimate even a grade school child would eventually detect, and finally the House of Lords did, too.


Oh, my. And then, all these "gold bonds" started showing up, trillions and trillions of dollars worth of old bonds, some of them actual, some of them counterfeits. Boxes and boxes of promises-to-pay made by various governments at various times to pay in gold, to pay in silver, to pay, pay, pay--- but of course, they never did. The various parties were overturned by war, or new administrations or new governmental services corporations took over and the bonds were never paid.


About the time that the Federal Reserve System was bankrupted, the Chinese jerked awake and got concerned about actual deposits of gold that the Nationalist Chinese government made to the New York Federal Reserve Bank in 1928.


The gold had been sitting there "on deposit" since 1928, and the Bilkers had never even paid the interest due on it.


The New York Fed refused to pay.


So through the good offices of Neil Keenan, the Chinese government brought suit in the U.S. District Court of New York and sued to have their deposit, or at least the interest due on their deposit, returned. That was 2011.


It is now six years later. The fraud and the counterfeiting is finally at an end, but with the effect that virtually all the world's currencies have been compromised and the lack of accurate records about precious metals supplies and other vital data has led to a situation in which "nobody knows the value of anything"---quote unquote.


I heard that and I started laughing. It was a very strange sound under the circumstance. Everyone else present looked more somber than a gravestone in the pouring rain.


All I could think was---- "Isn't THAT the truth? People have never known the value of anything. How else could they value little pieces of metal above honor or love? Cherish pieces of paper above children or clean water or peace? LOL!"


The speaker might have added that the task of determining who owns what anymore is also largely beyond repair. The bankers and the Spooks and politicians got a little greedy on the side and sold gold and silver that didn't belong to them, and issued bonds against gold and silver that didn't belong to them, and traded gold and silver that didn't belong to them, so that the real ownership and interest in the vastly greater-than-ever-recorded stockpiles of gold and silver is largely unknown, too, and difficult to determine.


There are ten would-be owners for every coin and most of them have at least some credible evidence that can't be discounted without careful and honest investigation.


It turns out that beginning in the 1920's and especially after the Second World War, vast amounts of gold and silver and precious stones and art and everything else simply disappeared and got deposited in empty bunkers and bank vaults all over the world, creating a largely artificial scarcity of coinage and available money throughout the world. This underground stockpile of what stands for wealth in this world was kept on a so-called "off ledger" accounting system.


Just as the government had "budgeted" and "non-budgeted" income streams, the banks had "on ledger" and "off ledger" accounts. With the same results. Embezzlement. Fraud. Graft.


Back to the meeting of Grand Poobahs:


While everyone else sat there in a swelter of impending doom, I felt suddenly free and joyous, like a kid again. It felt like the aftermath of when my house burned down and all I had left was a rusty ax head.


"So," I recapped, "nobody can place an accurate value on anything, and the actual ownership of most of the world's wealth is in serious doubt. Am I getting this straight?"


Nods all around the table, averted eyes, even a few blushes.

If you ever saw people who were "shame-faced" this was it.


"And yet," I continued, "everyone knows that all the peoples of the world and all the governments have assets and aren't really broke......"


It was a real Come to Jesus moment. Imagine waking up one morning and being told that you have a 150 years of dishonest bookkeeping to deal with?


And then being told that although you have almost unimaginable stockpiles of wealth, you can't spend any of it, because the ownership of everything is clouded.


Oh, and by the way, the entire world thinks that your government is responsible for the criminally insane corporations that have done all this. They think that "Federal Reserve Notes" are dollars. They are blaming you for this.


Yeah, right.


Okay, let's get this straight.


The unincorporated United States of America--- the actual American states and people --- have been the first and chief victims of these shysters. They did it to us, the same time they did it to everyone else.


Also for the record, our "dollar" is defined as fine silver and always has been and still is.


And now that you finally know the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth---- we are indeed at a turning point of our planetary history. Why? Because in order to keep everyone on Earth afloat and fed and living, we have to give each other credit.


We have to admit that everyone, every single one of us, has value. We have skills. We have labor. We have natural resources. We have land. We have copyrights and patents. Each one of us and the whole Earth that we are heir to, is supremely valuable and in the end, these things are the only things of value that men trade, aside from our love and our respect.


So let's give each other that --- both love and respect, and then, let's give each other all the credit needed to flourish and thrive.


Now that I am a great-grandmother myself I look back on my own Grandma with new insight and understanding. I remember her looking at an immense pile of cow manure and shaking her head and saying, "It takes a lot of cow manure to grow a rose bush."


Yes, it does. It surely does.


This whole situation is a giant pile of manure caused by a large number of international criminals, but we can do with it what we will, limited only by our vision of a better world and our willingness to --- literally --- give each other credit, as individuals and as nations.


Stay calm, everybody. Stay focused on what is actually valuable-- your lives, your family, your homes, your food, your water, your work, your passions, your health, the people you love-- and take all the "symbols of value" with a grain of salt.


We've been trained to value the image instead of the fact, like dogs trained to salivate when they see a picture of dog food. This was done to defraud us of our time and our energy and our material wealth and to keep us on a hamster wheel.


This is the moment in time when you are truly free to consider what matters --- what is truly valuable --- and to act accordingly.