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Economically incomprehensible Biden regime says printing more fake fiat money will reduce inflation

Ethan Huff

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In a shocking (but not really) display of economic illiteracy, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has stated that the only way to stop runaway inflation is to print more fake fiat “funny money” currency from the Federal Reserve.

Yellen told fake financial news outlet CNBC that passing the Biden regime’s new multi-trillion-dollar “infrastructure” package is the only way to lower prices at a time when the impact of previous spending bills is already moving the country towards a hyperinflationary collapse.

“What this package will do is lower some of the most important costs, what they pay for health care, for child care,” Yellen stated, “they” referring to the peons below her who are suffering because of she and the regime’s existing monetary policies.

“It’s anti-inflationary in that sense as well,” she added with a straight face.

Speaking from Rome where she is currently attending the G-20 conference of globalist “leaders,” Yellen aggressively pushed for the White House’s massive spending plans to be adopted, even though they are unpopular with Americans and with Congress.

“I don’t think that these investments will drive up inflation at all,” Yellen stated, again with a straight face.

Janet Yellen is a financial terrorist

In case you missed it, Pedo Joe Biden and his cronies are wanting to spend another $2.8 trillion on “infrastructure,” which to them means global warming initiatives and other wasteful pork spending.

The mainstream media, along with Yellen, claims that these spending bills will be a wonderful thing for the United States because they will help improve things, or something.

Roads and bridges, they claim, will benefit from this behemoth cash infusion, which will ratchet up the national debt to unspeakably new highs.

Meanwhile, inflation is skyrocketing to never-before-seen-highs because of all the printing and spending that has been taking place for decades, much of which goes towards pumping up the markets to enrich society’s billionaire class of parasites.

“It will boost the economy’s potential to grow, the economy’s supply potential, which tends to push inflation down, not up,” Yellen claims about injecting several more billions into the stock market, um, I mean the “economy.”

“For many American families experiencing inflation, seeing the prices of gas and other things that they buy rise, what this package will do is lower some of the most important costs, what they pay for health care, for child care. It’s anti-inflationary in that sense as well.”

Many Americans can barely afford food due to inflation, and Yellen’s biggest concern is giving the markets their latest hit of fake fiat to keep those green candles soaring for as long as possible.

“I think it really helps us invest in physical capital. That’s public infrastructure that’s important to productivity growth,” Yellen continued, pretending to sound smart and feigning care for the American people.

“There’s investment in human capital, there’s investment in research and development, the support that families will receive that will help them participate in the labor market.”

Yellen added that as long as “vaccinations proceed globally” that the economy should magically recover in time. But this will only happen, she said, if those demanding more fiat to keep their Ponzi scheme going get what they want and soon.

“As the United States recovers and as vaccinations proceed globally, and the global economic activity revives, that pricing pressure will ease,” Yellen maintains.

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