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  • 2020-05-07
  • Source: TTN
  • by: TTN Staff

    Many Americans are shocked that the world is in the state it's in, things don’t seem that bad in most households yet the economy seems to be doing worse than it was just a few months before. This has led many to ask the question of how did we get here? Did the virus really cause all of this destruction? 


    The virus was not the sole cause of the economic disaster that has come to America. Here is why many are now pointing the finger at the media and bad economic models:

    1.) Media Overhype


    The media has been hyping up the economic devastation this virus has been caused and this has made things worse. The media has reported a lot of lies and spread misinformation about the virus, this, in turn, causes some consumers to change their buying habits and some investors to change their investments. Both of these things have a negative impact on the economy.

    2.) Stock Market Lies



    The stock market is often used as an indicator for the whole of the economy but this often isn’t the case. When investors feel there is going to be a dip in economic growth they will pull back some of their investments or change what they are investing in. Whenever something happens in international affairs investors might panic and change their investments.    


    3.) Bad Models



    Several models were produced by colleges and universities that were dead wrong. One model claims millions of Americans would die as a result of the Coronavirus, this has been totally wrong. Models like this helped induce panic in the stock market that has hurt the economy.

    4.) Media Deception


    Everyone has been cooped up in their homes for the past few weeks and if you have been watching CNN this whole time you would think the outside world is uninhabitable and everything is in total ruin. This clearly isn't the case if you live in reality. The economy is in bad shape, with a major pandemic like this it was unavoidable, but the economy has not been totaled.

    5.) China’s Role



    A lot of the issues we are seeing with the economy are the fault of the Chinese government. The COVID-19 epidemic started there and had they managed it right they could have stopped it there, instead, they tried to pretend it wasn’t real and shut up anyone who talked about it. This hurt their economy which inevitably hurt our economy. This is another reason we should continue to ask questions about our relationship with China.