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The Real Economic Problem Is Not the Closedown

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

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What do we make of it all?  I just read an article in the New York Times that reports that President Trump lied and hid from the public the severity of the Covid-19 pandemic. On the other side, I encounter endless Internet rage that Covid-19 is a hoax, that New York city’s hospitals  are empty and no one has died.  It is nothing but a Rothchild-Rockefeller-Bill Gates plot. Perhaps the most stunningly inconsistant claim of all is that it is a bioweapon that is so harmless that there should have been no lockdown.  Why make a harmless bioweapon?  

Where one stands on the closedown depends on where one stands on other issues.  If you are a libertarian, you oppose the closedown because it interferes with your freedom and keeps useless old people alive who cost you payroll tax dollars.  If you are a Trump-hater like the New York Times you blame trump for understating the threat and not closing down soon.....