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Dems hold businesses hostage

Mat Staver

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Yesterday, the loan money RAN OUT for the Paycheck Protection Plan awarding forgivable loans to small businesses facing bankruptcy. The government underestimated the damage their actions would do to small businesses across America. Only 14 percent of the $2.2 trillion package was set aside for small businesses.

Scores of businesses that filed for forgivable loans on the first day they became available (April 3) have been told there is no money left. This is devastating to small businesses that were desperately hoping for relief.

The Republican Senate passed a bill to fix this problem two weeks ago, but every Democrat in the U.S. Senate voted AGAINST helping small business owners in America. Nancy Pelosi sent the members home and she refuses to even consider this bill.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi granted herself a paid 10-day vacation to California while she is holding small businesses hostage because she wants to fund the disastrous Green New Deal and radical social engineering. Her policies are more important to her than helping hurting people. She is jeopardizing the survival of millions of small businesses and the hopes and dreams of Americans.

NOW is the moment to stand with these small business owners. Send an urgent fax right to the U.S. House and Senate to demand Pelosi and Democrats fix their mistakes. We cannot let Pelosi turn the dreams of small business owners across America into the nightmare of a socialist government stealing businesses without compensation.

Many small business owners are gasping their last breath. Time is of the essence. America needs to reopen. But small businesses have been deeply hurt and need help now. Without help, a huge number of business owners will have to file bankruptcy—this includes businesses that were healthy before all of these emergency orders.

These businesses cannot wait. The government forced them to close down and now the government is refusing to pay just compensation for the damage that it caused to these owners.

This is in the same category as government taking of property. The government's restrictions caused the economy to crash and closed businesses. The financial damage is directly related to the government restrictions. Now these businesses need help.

Democrat inaction is killing these businesses. The loss of these businesses will hurt many people, with damaging consequences for years to come. We must stop this today. I urge you to contact your legislators and demand that they take responsibility and repair the damage that has been caused by government orders and inaction. Send your fax today.

Scores of small business owners are looking at the complete destruction of their way of life. We have a very small window to resuscitate these businesses. I hope I can count on you to make your voice heard right now.

If we value independence, want to reward hard work, and defend the American way of life, we need to stand up and stop the government from stealing these Mom-and-Pop shops across America. Send a fax to Congress to stop playing around.

Our staff is also working on a number of strategies to protect and preserve small businesses across America. We want to see Americans get back to work. To that goal we are helping promote a number of peaceful demonstrations across America. You can see the calendar of events on our website. But for some businesses, it's already too late. Congress must act immediately to save them. That is why our staff is fighting on a number of fronts on your behalf for these businesses to be able to stay open.

We can only do this because of YOUR support for Liberty Counsel Action. Your gift enables us to protect patriots and business owners across America.

It's an honor to represent you and fight for equal rights for small businesses and churches at this juncture in our nation's history. Let me remind you that any amount you give over the suggested cost of a fax supports our continued efforts.

God's blessings on you and your family.


Mat Staver



P.S. Our government has got to STOP rewarding unemployment more than the hard work of small business owners. Make your voice heard to encourage supportive legislators and to educate and motivate legislators who want to take American businesses hostage to their own radical agenda. We need to act NOW to stop our legislators from further damaging our economy. Send a fax to our legislators right now.

Please rush a donation to strengthen our team's ability to fight this in D.C. in the remaining moments we have to fix these problems. Any amount helps.

Big Tech companies are blocking and shadow banning Christian organizations like Liberty Counsel Action. Will you please help us beat the censorship by just taking a few seconds to forward this email to your friends?

Finally, I want to apologize for yesterday's mistake of having "FIRSTNAME" in our email. We were rushing to get the information to you and we made a mistake. Please accept my apologies.

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