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  • 2020-04-17
  • Source: TTN
  • by: TTN Staff


While no timeline is in place yet the Trump administration has released its detailed plan for reopening the country. This should help Americans understand how things will begin to return to normalcy when the country is reopened. Here is Trump’s plan to reopen the country:  

1.) Markers to Meet



There will be several markers that states need to meet in order to open up again. Here are the criteria they need to meet in order to reopen:


-Less Influenza-like illnesses within a 14-day period AND less Coronavirus like symptoms reported in a similar time frame


- A downward trajectory for COVID-19 cases within a 14-day period OR Less positive cases in the percentage of total cases within a similar timeframe


-Treat all current patients without crisis care AND effective testing program for healthcare workers(including antibody testing)

2.) State Readiness



On top of the requirement to open the Trump administration is also putting guidelines on how states should prepare. Here is what states should be ready for:


Healthcare Capacity


-States should be able to quickly supply hospitals with Personal Protection equipment and should be capable of rapidly expanding the ICU capacity of hospitals




-Be able to have a rapid screening of those showing COVID-19 symptoms


-Backtracking those who test positive for who may have interacted with them




-a plan to take care of those in critical industry


-a plan to protect those in high-risk fields


-Inform the public on social distancing and face coverings

3.) Guidelines for Individuals


Within the plan to reopen the country there are guidelines for the general public, here is what the Trump administration is recommending:


-Practice good Hygiene(This includes washing hands, avoid touching your face, and a recommendation to wear a mask in public to avoid getting sick)


-Stay home if you are sick

4.) Guidelines for Employers



Employers are getting their own set of recommendations from the Trump administration, here are the Employer Guidelines:


-Bar those showing symptoms from returning to work until cleared by a medical provider


-enforce social distancing

5.) Phase 1



Many things will open in Phase One of the plan, gyms, and movie theaters are among the things that will open. Venues like this that are opening will be required to follow very strict guidelines that include keeping distance between patrons and sanitize equipment after use. Those who are vulnerable to the virus(the elderly and those with certain pre-existing conditions) will still be advised to shelter in place. Visits to senior living facilities will be prohibited as are visits to hospitals. Schools, daycares, and organized youth activities will also remain closed at this time.

 6.) Phase 2


Edited, Original by Gage Skidmore via ( Flickr


During phase two non-essential travel will be allowed to resume. Employers will be asked to close common areas, enforce social distancing, encourage telework, and make special accommodations for those who are considered vulnerable. Daycare, schools, and Organized youth activities will be allowed to resume. Bars and other small venues will be allowed to reopen with general occupancy diminished.

7.) Phase 3


During Phase 3 of Opening Up, America Again Vulnerable individuals will no longer be under a shelter in place order. Employers will be able to resume fully staffing worksites. Visits to senior care facilities and hospitals will be allowed to resume. Gyms and bars may resume business as normal.