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7 Million Americans DIDN’T PAY Their Car Bills in Over 90 Days Shows the Truth About the Economy


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Let the REALITY set in. The real economy is suffering and I’m not going to back down. I hear from people every single day that tell me what’s going on around them. I hear it first hand. Now does that mean that every single person is suffering? No. Absolutely not. Many people haven’t felt anything. But are there growing numbers of people living on the streets, in their cars, in a space that would normally be a closet? Yes, absolutely. To me, the “new normal” isn’t acceptable. Though we’re meant to believe it is. What do you say?

The stock market is one thing. But the economy is another. You can wake up tomorrow and see the Dow at 100k. Just look at Venezuela. The best performing stock market since the Financial Crisis. Of course, that’s due to the currency devaluation but it makes a clear point. The economy can be shutting down and the stock market can be soaring. We need to look at real economic indicators in order to understand what’s coming.


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