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Comparing China and America: Economies Diverge, Police States Converge

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[Ron: This author seems to assume that the psuedo US democracy results from opposed, incoherent competing socio-political and economic interests but that is only superficially true. Arguably the covert owners of US Inc. KNOW exactly what they are doing and what they want. The apparent inconsistencies and dysfunctionality exhibited as a result of diverse competing interests is deliberately fostered and where necessary, created by the owners of US Inc. Those competing interests are part of the Talmudic Hegelian manipulation technique designed to conceal the true motives and policy objectives of the Talmudic banksters and corporatists who covertly purport to own the US and its population. The competition and confusion is fostered by encouraging personal greed and aggrandisement by individuals in industry, commerce, religion, sport and everything else so that the ulterior motives and machinations of the Talmudic controllers are not obvious. In addition the situation is further clouded by internal struggles for power among senior Talmudic factional leaders.].

[Ron: Assuming that "Washington" and the US military control US domestic and global policy is misleading. In WWI and WWII and ever since, the Sephardic Rockefeller brothers until 1979, and then the Bolsheviks who replaced them, have covertly controlled the US population and the US Inc. Arguably the aim of those Talmudic US controllers has been to use the US militarily to invade, despoil, genocide and destroy any nation that resists control by Judaic banksters and corporatists. The secondary purpose has been to demoralise and socio-economically weaken the US nation so that it can be folded into a Jew controlled New World Order, One World Government. That aim was almost accomplished until President Trump was elected and began to reverse the relevant Talmudic policies that were destroying the US morally and physically.].





Comparing China and America: Economies Diverge, Police States Converge


I have followed China’s development, its stunning advance in forty years from impoverished Third World to a huge economy, its rapid scientific progress. Coming from nowhere it now runs neck and neck with the US in supercomputes, does world-class work in genetic engineering and genomics (the Beijing Genomics Institutes), quantum computing and quantum radar, in scientific publications. It lags in many things, but the speed of advance, the intense focus on progess, is remarkable.

Recently, after twelve years away, I returned for a couple of weeks to Chungdu and Chong Quing, which I found amazing. American patriots of the lightly read but growly sort will bristle at the thought that the Chinese may have political and economic systems superior to ours, but, well, China rises whlle the US flounders. They must be doing something right.

In terms of economic systems, the Chinese are clearly superior. China runs a large economic surplus, allowing it to invest heavily in infrastructure and in resources abroad. America runs a large deficit. China invests in China, America in the military. China’s infrastructure is new, of high quality, and growing. America’s slowly deteriorates. China has an adult government that gets things done. America has an essentially absentee Congress and a kaleidoscopically shifting cast of pathologically aggressive curiosities in the White House.

America cannot compete with a country far more populous of more-intelligent people with competent leadership and the geographic advantage of being in Eurasia. Washington’s choices are either to start a major war while it can, perhaps force the world to submit through sanctions, or resign itself to America’s becoming just another country. Given the goiterous egos inside the Beltway Bubbble, this is not encouraging.