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Former Republican Congressman Gives Obama Scorching Lesson On DACA — You’ll Be Nodding Your Head In Agreement


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The negative impact of former President Obama continues to be felt across America. We can all feel it and we’re just glad President Trump is doing his best to start turning it around. Former Republican Congressman Jason Chaffetz reached the end of his rope today on Fox & Friends, when he slammed Obama for his unconstitutional passage of DACA (Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals). DACA is immigration legislation that gives de facto amnesty to illegal aliens who entered the United States as kids.

As The Daily Caller points out, Chaffetz has a particular issue with the way Obama used an executive order to change immigration law and implement DACA.

Trump is planning to end DACA because it is a loophole for illegal aliens. It offers the ability to work and stay in America to the children of parents who broke US immigration law.

Clayton Morris of Fox & Friends said ending DACA could be quite unethical because as part of passing it Obama’s White House urged children of illegals to come forward and register for DACA benefits.


As Chaffetz pointed out, however, Obama using executive action to force through DACA is basically overruling the law to suit his own desires.“We’re a nation of laws and that’s the way it works in this country,” Chaffetz explained.

What do you think about Chaffetz’s statements? How do you think Obama did the most damage to America during his terms in office?