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10,000 Apply For A Job At One New Wal-Mart!

Judith Moriarty

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Candidates having raised tens of millions of dollars and traveling around the country in luxury buses or private jets, arguing over who has the most 'experience' - who is a Mormon (therefore disqualified) - who's not a 'true Republican' (Ron Paul) who's picking on Hillary (Edwards) - who can grab the Evangelical vote - who is totally ignored (Kucinich) - who claims 911 makes him the protector of us all etc, (Rooty)...meanwhile, the real story of what is happening in America - evictions, foreclosures, unemployment - is being totally ignored. This EXPERIENCE from those who've been in Foggy Bottom so long that they're mildewed - has resulted in the rusting and disappearance of the American dream. ATLANTIC JOURNAL CONSTITUTION - Jan 11-08: 10,000 Keep Eyes Open For A Job At Wal-Mart. "For the fourth consecutive day people waited in long lines for a shot at a new Wal-Mart in Dekalb County, pushing the total number of applicants beyond 10,000. Beginning Monday, after no advertising or any signs, the throngs of hopeful applicants continued to pour into a church converted into a job processing center - all vying for only 350 available jobs. The job seeking FRENZY may be a peek into a larger economic picture. Wal-Mart has long declined to reveal starting salaries at the store, but reports that the average hourly wage for full-time associates is $10.65 an hour."


Note - Wal-Mart hires people on at mostly part-time positions. Most alarming is that Wal-Mart is our nation's largest employer . We no longer mfg the quality goods that America was known for. Now Wal-Mart is filled with Chinese goods of inferior quality. Ten dollars an hour is not a livable wage in these economic times of escalating prices. --JM