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Is Brexit A Swindle and a Fraud? David Lammy

Jack Peat

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Everything David Lammy Said in this Speech About Brexit Has Come True. The devastating speech given to parliament in 2019 is going viral on social media.

A speech made by David Lammy in parliament in January 2019 has gone viral on social media after every word was proved to be true by events which have unfolded over the past couple of days.

The Labour MP for Tottenham highlighted the “fundamental dishonesty at the heart of the Brexit debate” in an impassioned address.

He said that most MPs now recognise it in private, but do not say it in public that “Brexit is a con. A trick. A swindle. A fraud. A deception that will hurt most those people it promised to help. A dangerous fantasy which will make every problem it claims to solve worse.

“A campaign won on false promises and lies.

“Vote Leave and Leave.EU both broke the law. Russian.....