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CAFR1 NATIONAL POST - Heads up on five important articles

Walter Burien - CAFR1

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Heads up on five important articles that will be sent to the CAFR1 National list between the beginning and end of October. The Titles and a short synopsis of each is as follows:

1. What is a tariff? ANSWER: A direct tax under a different name. As a Tariff equaling a Tax, how much will be collected from Asia in 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022? That revenue goes to the treasury and indirectly is taken out of your pocket.

2. How much money does a State (and its agents), the Counties, Cities, Law Enforcement, and Judges make from Jails; Prisons; and Court Systems? THE EXAMPLE USED WILL BE: The State of Ohio. Bottom line: Can a fair or impartial trial take place in Ohio or any other State in light of the massive wealth being generated for the State and its agents? ANSWER: No, it can not.

3. Orchestrated international investment manipulation stings have been taking place every 7-years:

    2001 (WTC and the International swing on the markets-about 8 trillion dollars in value taken);

    2008 (Housing market bubble swing with about 30-trillion dollars in value taken);

    2015 (Collapse in about 2-months by about 65% of the Chinese stock markets with about 35-trillion dollars in value taken)  and the upcoming;

    2022, what appears to be the final play, Hyper-Inflation with about 100-trillion dollars in value that will be taken.

4. "Masterful entertainment" by Governments and their agents, how the game is played from all angles and directions to maintain 100% definitive control over the population.

5. TRFA and ending taxation, it appears the population can not back this into being made a reality. Only one individual from Texas stepped forward with some serious capital in 2014. Since then it appears all of the rest in the USA are too busy being entertained elsewhere. Under my agreement with the one (1) Texas Backer, he will do OK when all TRFA assets are sold off starting as of February of 2019. He will get all proceeds of the sale and should make a pretty good profit from the sale there of. Everyone else in the USA? It appears they will not even notice, agan, they are too busy being entertained elsewhere. From 2014 till now, did one person who had the ability to do so call and ask: Walter, what do you need to get the TRFA project up and running? ANSWER: Not one.

If you do not get one of the five articles, or any of the five, your ISP is blocking you from receiving them.

I have learned that even when a subscriber signs up for the National list, 3 out of 4, the subscriber's confirm email that is required to be clicked on never reaches them. It is blocked by their ISP where they never will receive the posts they signed up to get.

I have also learned that if a subscriber does actually get a post, and forwards it to their list, most on their list will not get the post, it is blocked by the sending or receiving ISP.

The key words in an email that will cause it in many a case to evaporate in thin air by intervention by the ISP before being delivered are: CAFR1,, TRFA, or

I note the CAFR1 site over the last 15-years is, or has not been on any SPAM Black or Grey list. None.

Same happens on traffic coming to my site per the individual when the person tries to reach my site they get a: 404 error or get a re-direct to some outside ISP advertising page so the CAFR1 site is never seen. This has been going on now for at least the last ten-years.

Today, it is all about data / information management as to whom sees or does not see what. So, article 4 above will drive home the totalitarian nature and effect of "Masterful Entertainment".

Being what is noted above is agressively taking place, on the CAFR1 front page at the top, there will be a title when the 1st article is sent at the beginning of October that says: The Five Articles that when clicked on simply will have the links to the five, one after the other when written and sent to the CAFR1 National email list. So, the archive of each will be visible and easy to reach for sharing; copying; or to re-publish. Permission to copy and publish any or all of the five article is granted. WJB

** Also, I would like to see how many subscribers received this communication. So please, if you did get this, reply back with in the subject line with: I Got it!

I will take note and list that data number on the link per: The Five Articles

My guess, with the stringent censorship taking place, the replies I get back with in the subject line of : I Got it! will be under 40. The bottom line is the actual number will be listed above the 1st article link with a copy of this communication..

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Walter Burien - CAFR1

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