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Charlie Miller

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The time has finally come to open the dialogs of what was put in motion beginning January 10, 2010.

The pieces are in order and in motion at a very deep and subtle level and it is now time to expose that by opening this dialogue.

The confusions have exposed the control mechanisms to the point that they cannot survive.

This means that we need to identify the fundamental place where liberty begins.

Ownership of our own labor as the value backing public money for private use and a clean law system to protect that ownership is the single key element to resolution.

Without public money for private use we have no country and without an honest law system we are all slaves.

Any clarity in the midst of confusion will draw all the energy it needs to complete it’s self.





The Right to Choose

by Charles Miller

August 3rd 2018




Once again we enter the no brainer zone. The questions below are so simple it is stupefying. What is exposed by the questions is the root causes exposing why our country is in such confusion at the moment.


"No resolution to problems is possible until the root of the problem is identified."


Current discussions, media hoopla. or pundit pontificates, fail to identify the root causes, which misleads their followers into believing a solution could be implemented by talking about the results created by the root problem.


First Question


If our monetary system is based on debt, and the transferring of debt as exchange value, THEN WHERE IS THE CREDITOR IDENTIFIED, OR THE ASSETS BACKING THE CREDIT, AND WHO IS THE CREDITOR?


Absent the disclosure of the true creditor and value backing the credit clearly identified -- showing its ownership, history and transfer into credit -- to any one of us as Americans; a debt based money system is just an illusion, because in order for a debt to exist, have value, or be collectible, the value, credit, asset, and owner must be known and recognized.


Who in their right mind pays a bill, or an alleged debt, when the credit, value, or item, is not fully identified and received in hand?


Second Question



"The Federal Reserve owns the money in circulation as its private property and every FRN states this fact at the top of the FRN note." The Federal Reserve also owns the whole system for assigning value to any asset converted into money which it distributes through Its franchised commercial banks. "In short, there is only one bank in this country called the Federal Reserve, and every one of the commercial distributors of Its private money are subdivisions operating under Their own name; proof of which can be found on-line for anyone who chooses to look."


Third Question



The best example we have currently exposing these questions in a very deep and subtle manner took place on the day president Trump accepted the job of president and issued his personal pledge. President Trump promised to every American in open public forum, distributed worldwide, that he worked for the American People and the United States of America is our country. Within a very few days he also stated that he would not take payment in private money but his pay check would shifted to another recipient.


I have looked with a fair amount of due diligence and can find no other public servant or employee that made the statement that they work for us, the American people, or refused to be paid in private money.


Fourth Question

Under what portion of either the state or the federal Constitutions were judges ever granted the power or authority to rule over the People by restructuring our country according to their own whims or feelings?


NONE! Judges are only authorized to apply the law as written by the legislative division of either the state or the federal government. Judges are not authorized in writing anywhere by either the executive or the legislative branches, nor the People who created both, to interpret where they get their power from. The judges over a very long time created what they call case law to support their position so could act as rulers over not only the People but the government they serve.


Prove the point above to yourself by simply asking a judge to identify in either the state or federal Constitution where he as an individual, gets the authority or the power to interpret the law and apply it to you! "I guarantee you will not get an answer or you will receive a bunch of confusing stuff that God couldn't figure out."


Fifth Question

Does the office of President of the United States hold the right, the duty, the authority, the power to declare and enforce that the money of the United States is owned by the People and merely managed by the federal government for the benefit of the People?


The simple way to understand this is to recognize what money really is. Money is simply an exchange mechanism transferring value from one man to another. Money is always neutral because it is inanimate, cannot think, cannot act, and cannot do anything until put in motion by a man. "Money is the representation of value." "Value is recognized by what’s underneath it, commonly called an asset." The fundamentals are very simple. Everyone pretty much agrees that God or some other force created the earth and everything on it. That means that we being-of-the-earth, or of creation, do not own the earth or any of its life forms. We as mankind provide labor to take the raw materials from the earth and transform them into a value stored in a product or service. We as individuals either own our own labor or we do not. Thus, all money transferring as stored value is based on the labor of mankind.


The simple understanding of the above paragraph should lead any conscious member of mankind to the conclusion that we individually owning our labor are the creditors for all money systems, whether owned privately or by the government that 'We the People' created.


Given that We the People created government’s and are the actual creditors and the value behind all money; that means that the federal government is the trustee holding our value for our benefit.



Until the root issues of who owns the money and how honestly the law of the People is administered are the focus of discussion, we as a Nation, as a People, Americans, will continue to devolve into confusion and destruction directed by those owning the money and law application systems which protects the private money system.


NOTE: "In my world I am colorblind. There are only two kinds of Americans, those that stand up, and those that bend over."  Race, gender, political leanings, and all the other BS, have no value in my world. Moreover, until we recognize that each of us as a part of mankind, have the right to choose whether to live in liberty or slavery -- those two diametrically opposed states of existence being the sole identification of a man -- the America that once was. . . will never truly be great again.


"Liberty in the current context is defined as ownership of your own labor and a law system to protect our values."  Isn’t that the fundamental and quintessential basis of the whole American experiment in Self Government? Who owns their own labor when it’s transferred into a private money system protected by a private law system?


The three rules of the universe are very simple. Do no harm, treat all life the way you choose to be treated, and, honor your contracts.


"Honor our contract" says where we are at now.  The foundational documents are contracts between the people who created government, thus, the first obligation of being an American is to your neighbor, who is also an American. "When we the people treat each other the way we choose to be treated, we will in fact have control of our government, and clear up all of the corruption." This is simply because we are the source of authority and power for all government. "The first rule of war is to divide and conquer." When the people are not divided we will conquer, then we become 'We the People' enforcing our contract obligations to each other. "This is the meaning and the effect that shook the world stated so eloquently in the Declaration of Independence."


"Please, let us all remember we are Americans first last and always and none of the other current confused identifiers of whatever position or leaning can supersede that."


The essential question presented to you the reader is; will you engage in discussions defining the root and core of the problems we all face, or will you continue to follow the Pied Piper of those leading us into discussion about results derived from the corruption as being the core problem?


NOW, To the title of this monograph, MONEY, MONEY, MONEY EVERYWHERE  - The Right to Choose


If money is simply stored labor used as a transfer agent, is the real value of the labor of the American people already stored in all of our infrastructure and our personal assets?


YES! Is the sum total value of all we have created represented in physical items over the history of our country enough to back a real money system that we own?


YES! We already paid for all of this stuff with our labor!


I dare you to jump out of the programed boxes created by those wishing to control us, and engage in discussion about root issues and what we the American People can do about restoring the American dream of self government through individual liberty.


Charley Miller