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MAJOR ALERT: Andrew Maguire Says Major German Bank Just Refused To Hand Over Client’s Physical Gold

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"You can't give back what you have very little of Sports Fans."  Gold Repository Banks run the same shell game as Federal Reserve Member banks run on reserve cash requirements against total deposits on the books. Short version: If the Gold Repository shows 1000 ounces of sold gold on account, They probably only have 100 ounces of gold in Their inventory to cover the calls if everyone wanted to take physical at one time. It's a fools game to invest in paper gold for this reason alone, especially if You're in large from the beginning.


There was a time in this country when banks actually took gold in exchange for paper, and vice versa, but back then, the people knew that the banks and the bankers were as crooked as a bent stick, and if used at all, were done so cautiously and sparingly with a watchful eye. Moreover, if a bank got caught shorting the paper, the head of that bank was swiftly strung up and publicly executed, "oh for the good old days". That was before America became the United States Corporation, before the Civil War, when Andrew Jackson was President; the most outwardly vigilant President that America ever had when it came to not allowing a Central Bank to be established in this country. . . and for good reason.


Lincoln was used as a duped proxy, along with countless others from both the North and South -- by the European Banking Houses -- to foment Civil War between the states, so that afterwards, They could finally get Their satanic Central Bank established. The Civil War was never about Slavery or States Rights, it was primarily backed, and created for the purpose of controlling the money supply issuance, usage, and usury from one, over-arching Central point.While the people were being cranially-inseminated. misdirected and redirected with the ideological suggestions and mind-control machinery of the period,  the great Banking Houses of Europe were simultaneously reigning the colonies back in under Their control. . . and as They say in show biz, "Things Just Ain't Been The Same Since".


The National Banking Acts of 1863, 1864, and 1865. Established the United States dollar as the national currency; Established national banks based on a federal charter, thereby creating the dual banking system with national and state chartered banks.