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Judge Anna Von Reitz

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Oct. 23, 2016

Besides becoming an international laughingstock for her Wolfgang Struck escapades, Karen Hudes has remained an incomparably resolute disinformation agent in general.


For example, she has accused me---- me, the one person who stood up and called the World Bank and IBRD on the carpet for stealing the American gold that FDR confiscated from our grandparents on a false claim of abandonment ----of trying to "steal the world's gold reserves".


Here for the ignorant is the actual story--- AGAIN.


In 1933 Franklin Delano Roosevelt confiscated privately owned American gold.  He sent revenue agents house to house and made it illegal to own more gold than a wedding ring.


All that confiscated gold was used to secure the debts of the bankrupt United States of America, Inc. --- the governmental services corporation that Roosevelt was elected to serve as "President".


When the bankruptcy of that entity finally ended in 1999, the collateral --- all that confiscated gold, estimated to be worth $387 billion should have been returned to the heirs of the people it was stolen from---- that is, to you and me.


Instead, nobody told us a word about the settlement of the US bankruptcy, and the World Bank and IBRD came in as Secondary Creditors and claimed that we were "unknown" and that the heirs had  "abandoned" our claim to the gold that was confiscated from our parents and grandparents and great-grandparents.


These rats knew who the Priority Creditors were and are, they and the "US Trustees" just neglected to inform us.


And who were the faithless "US Trustees" who owed us that duty to inform?  It was the Department of Justice and the members of the American Bar Association who failed to let the rightful heirs know and who expedited the surrender of our property to the World Bank and IBRD.


So I called them on it, and that then spawned the birth of the "Global Debt Facility" Karen claims to manage.


What is the "Global Debt Facility"?   ---- It's what is called a "Drop Box" in slang gangster terms----- the equivalent of a dumpster where guilty banks can deposit ill-gotten gains and try to wash their hands and not explain how they came to be in possession of stolen property.


And that is all there is to it.  The World Bank and IBRD are in possession of stolen goods--- our stolen goods---- gold that we are heir to because it was originally confiscated from our grandparents.


We are the heirs of around $387 billion worth of the gold in the "Global Debt Facility"--- and while there may indeed be more gold and assets deposited there---assets stolen from other people around the world---that much of it, the gold confiscated from our parents and grandparents, is surely ours and we can prove it.


Ms. Hudes and her employers need to stop pretending to be noble philanthropists and whistleblowers, because it is altogether too obvious what they have tried to pull on the American People.  They are nothing but cheats and charlatans who placed a false claim of abandonment on our assets.


As for me "slinking away" from any fight with Karen or these banks, let me assure everyone that all the slinking that has ever been done has been on Karen's part and on the part of her employers who are intent on escaping culpability for their own greed and dishonesty and seeking immunity for themselves.


In fact, the only reason that I know of that our money from the "Global Debt Facility" hasn't already been released is that the bankers have continued to try to use it as a bargaining chip to secure their own immunity from prosecution--- the quid pro quo being---- "Here, we'll give you back the gold, if you promise not to prosecute us for stealing it in the first place."


I personally don't promote more punishing and blaming and pain in the world. I think that there has been more than enough of that already.  If we can identify those who made the false claim on abandonment and those Trustees who failed to inform us, then let them spend a couple years in jail thinking about their misdeeds---- and for the rest of us---- let's get on with life.


The bankers did what bankers do.  My real quarrel is with the "United States Trustees" ----those who used gold that belonged to our parents and grandparents  for their own corporate purposes, and then failed to return it to the heirs of the rightful owners and to the rightful owners themselves.  In 1999 when the US bankruptcy settled, there were still plenty of people who were direct owners of that gold and it was owed to them without any question of heir-ship at all.


Stop and think what that money could have done to make their end-of-life easier and less stressful and more fun? 


I am getting impatient, Karen Hudes, with your idiotic attempts to avoid the truth. Everyone already knows what you guys did and nobody who knows is happy about it.  So why not just stop the attempts to plea bargain, do the right thing, give back the gold to the living heirs of all those people it was stolen from--- and exit stage left. tail between your legs?


And stop trying to mischaracterize my simple demand---- that you return to the heirs what is theirs by right--- as trying to "steal the world's gold".


Last time I looked, my Grandmother's gold was all hers.  Politicians and crooked bankers and even more crooked lawyers took her gold by force, used it as collateral backing their debts, and sixty-plus years later when the bankruptcy settled, your bosses opted to make false claims against the interests of the rightful heirs and Priority Creditors.


You acted as thieves and scum bags and you got called on it.  Now you are scared and trying to avoid any consequences.


Pay up, Karen.  Just stop the BS and pay up.