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New Documentary & New Book about Money: Democratising the creation of Money, Liberation from Servitude to Banking Gangsters...

From Alex James

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May 11, 2012

Watch the full film now at:

The bitter fight is between PEOPLES VERSUS THE BANKSTERS. "The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the people versus the banks." – Lord Acton. 


The World Banking system is a model for expropriation as explained by many.


At least 50% of everyone’s earning on average (except for the top 0.1%) goes to pay interest to banksters who created the money from nothing, a model for expropriation through legalized counterfeiting.


·         private banks create the money they lend from nothing.

·         Honest Money


·         The eminent Austrian professor atthe Economics University in Vienna, Franz Hörmann, explains about the fraudulent workings of the fractional reserve banking system: "If one creates money out of thin air and then passes on what did not exist before and charges interest on it and uses physical assets as collateral, then that is in reality a model for expropriation," he said.When banks create money that is not backed by any assets of their own, it is referred to as “fiat” money, a.k.a. legalized counterfeiting. The process of creating fiat money by private bankers implies expropriation of everyone’s wealth and productivity by the private bankers who issue money against it. The national debt is in fact a record of how much bankers expropriated from The People. When bankers create money from nothing, they are issuing a claim for goods and services that will be provided by other than the bankers, i.e. they expropriate everyone’s wealth and labor in the process of creating money from nothing, at no liability to themselves.

· and

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Subject:12 Year Old Canadian Girl Explains The Crimes Of The World Banking System; A FINANCIAL BERMUDAS TRIANGLE


12 Year Old Girl Explains The Crimes Of The Canadian Banking System


Subject: [UK-911-Truth] New Documentary & New Book about Money


Trailer Video:

Watch the full film now at:

97% Owned investigates behind the scenes of the ever changing financial system, to uncover how the monetary system provides the foundations for international dominance and national control. Fresh thinking, new ideas and answers to simple questions are squeezed into this 2hr 10minute expose.

Due for release May 1st it features frank interviews and comments from Positive Money, The New Economics Foundation, PRIME, Paul Moore HBOS Whistle Blower, Simon Dixon of Bank to the Future and Nick Dearden from Jubliee Debt Campaign.

97% owned is from the creative team behind Generation OS13: The New Culture of resistance, ( continuing the distinctive 'tour de force' style and artistic interpretation.


About The Author

Mira Tekelova (Positive Money)

Mira has a background in economics and has spent the last 3 years doing independent research into the problems with our current monetary system. She works on the Positive Money campaign trying to promote the awareness about our debt-based money by the public. She became interested in the monetary reform ideas after she realized that the way money is created is the root underlying cause of poverty and most of our social problems today.

Visit Authors Website →


·         See also Pat Condell of Monetary Reform video series - clear, concise, hard-hitting facts about the money and debt that really hit home with the viewers. For an example, see:

After nearly two years of hard work, there's some real momentum building in the movement to democratise money and reform our privatised, debt-based money system. The next couple of months will see the launch of a new UK-focussed documentary about money (see below), the release of our report on the shift of power from Parliament to the big banks, the release of James Robertson's latest book, entitled 'Future Money', and the birth of a sister to Positive Money in Ireland (below).

Ben will be speaking at the JustBanking conference in Edinburgh this Friday, which also features Prof Richard Werner, Prof Steve Keen, Josh Ryan-Collins, Molly Scott Cato and the Bank of England's Adam Posen. It seems a few tickets are still available here.

We're also seeing more economists talk about the ability that banks have to create money. At the Institute for New Economic Thinking conference in Berlin last weekend, even the Chairman of the FSA was talking about 'credit creation' (the economist jargon for banks creating money).

Next week we'll be making an announcement about something that will really speed up the campaign, and we'll be asking for your help too.

For now, here's the latest news:

1) 97% Owned - the New UK Documentary about Money on 1st May

The first UK-focused documentary about money, money creation and the privatised, debt-based money system will be released on 1st May! The documentary features interviews with Ben Dyson of Positive Money, Josh-Ryan Collins of the New Economics Foundation, Ann Pettifor, the Jubilee Debt Campaign and other people involved in monetary reform.

You can watch the trailer here:


The documentary will be available free online or on DVDs in two versions (60 minute version focused on money creation and potential reforms and full, extended 2 hour 20minute version). You'll be able to get DVDs from Positive Money - watch this space.

There'll also be a screening in London towards the end of May, and hopefully screenings around the country. More on that soon...


 2. New book 'Future Money - Breakdown or Breakthrough'

James Robertson is the author of the excellent book 'Creating New Money', which served as the basis for much of our work on reforming the monetary system. His new book has been published TODAY and is highly recommended.

“…the money system now is like the result of someone “seeking to build a substantial house by working spasmodically on odd portions of the structure on quite isolated plans, fashioning minute details of some upper parts, when he has not set up, nor indeed even planned out, the substructure which is their sole foundation…”

If you’d like to order a printed version, you can do so via Green Books (and support an independent publisher as well, rather than Amazon!)


3) New video - Banking behind Housing Crisis – Toby Lloyd

Watch Toby Lloyd, from housing charity Shelter, who was speaking at Positive Money conference about the consequences of the current system of money creation by banks on rising house prices, redistribution of wealth upwards, higher inequality and a culture of unearned wealth.

Watch here


4) TEDx Talk – Changing The Rules of Banking


This is worth watching! Excellent TEDx talk by Simon Dixon on why changing the rules of banking is so important. Watch here


5) 'Sensible Money' in Ireland

A sister campaign has been launched in Ireland. Paul Ferguson and James McKumiskey would like to hear from anyone else in Ireland who would like to get involved in growing this initiative. You can contact them at, and check out the growing website at


6) Help needed: Translators

We need people who can help to transcribe (i.e. type up) and translate the new documentary  97% Owned (see above) so that we can provide subtitles for the hard of hearing or non-English speakers on YouTube (and get this message out to the rest of the world).

For transcription, you simply need to type out what is said for a 15 minute segment of the film (which would take about 1 hours' work, depending on how fast you type). If you want to do this you'll also get to view the film earlier than anyone else! 

For translation, we'll give you a full transcript of the film and you simply need to translate the text into your home language.

If you want to help, please let us know via email on


7) Upcoming Meetups & Events

EDINBURGH: CONFERENCE "Just Banking" - Edinburgh 19-20 April

BIRMINGHAM: Is banking to blame for poverty and debt?, Sat 21st April

  (…see video invitation by Dick Rogers)

NEWCASTLE: Why Debt Is Not a Choice - Tue 24th April

SHEFFIELD Positive Money Meetup – Mon 30th April

LONDON: Is Banking To Blame for Poverty & Debt? - Mon 2nd April


8) Latest from the Blog

“Mickey Mouse Models” of Economics

‘Decades’ of Cuts and Tax Rises Ahead?

Steve Keen at INET (Video)

Quantitative Easing – Transfer of Wealth from the ‘Poor’ to the Wealthy?

Outstanding Personal Debt £1.457 trillion

Aljazeera: Debt-free Money May Well Be the Solution


All the best,

The Positive Money team Ben, Drew & Mira


2012 Positive Money All rights reserved.

Positive Money

205 Davina House

137-149 Goswell Road

London, - EC1V 7ET

United Kingdom


New Documentary Features Interviews with Positive Money

By Mira Tekelova (Positive Money) On April 13, 2012 · 18Comments · In Blog, Campaigns


97% Owned investigates behind the scenes of the ever changing financial system, to uncover how the monetary system provides the foundations for international dominance and national control. Fresh thinking, new ideas and answers to simple questions are squeezed into the 2hr 10minute expose.

Due for release May 1st it features frank interviews and comments from Positive Money, The New Economics Foundation, PRIME, Paul Moore HBOS Whistleblower, Simon Dixon of Bank to the Future, Ann Pettifor and Nick Dearden from Jubilee Debt Campaign.


Our entire money supply should be for the benefit of the public and should never be created by a private organisation as debt!


Democratising the money supply means putting the power to issue and allocate money back into hands of people.

Throughout history, monetary systems were designed to give dominant international power and advantage. And this power is fiercely defended and expanded on.


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