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London to become major offshore trading center for Chinese Yuan.

Larry Edelson

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April 28, 2012
Video: The Great Betrayal of 2012:
London to become major trading center for China’s yuan!
Yet ANOTHER step forward for China’s currency — and step backward for the U.S. dollar! And more proof my latest warning is coming true — that the dollar’s role as the world’s reserve currency is under siege ...
Dear Richard,
A lot of my readers have been asking me why gold is going sideways and even drifting lower. One of the reasons is very simple:
There’s a big “paper money operation” going on ... controlled by Washington, Beijing and the large investment banks ... all designed to rebalance the global economy by making the dollar worth less and the Chinese currency worth more.
You’d think, naturally, on the surface that this would be very bullish for gold. And it is, longer-term.
But right now, I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that the price of gold is being successfully suppressed to keep this operation in motion.
After all, if gold were not being suppressed right now it would be soaring and instead of a controlled devaluation of the U.S. dollar all hell would break loose, making it very difficult for the “paper money operation” to proceed in any kind of orderly fashion.
This is why China has taken one step after another, quietly, over the last few weeks expanding the yuan’s international role. It’s why they recently allowed JP Morgan to be one of the first foreign investment banks to trade yuan-based money markets in Hong Kong.
It’s why Beijing recently approved short selling of the U.S. dollar by its commercial banks, without hardly a mention by the major press organizations.
And it’s why the officials on Downing Street have now instructed Barclays ... Deutsche Bank ... HSBC Holdings and Standard Chartered to join with the Bank of China to make London a major trading hub for the Chinese yuan.
And have you heard one peep about the threat to the dollar from your leaders in Washington?!
No, you haven’t. The reason is quite simple: Not only do our leaders in Washington recognize that the yuan’s rise is inevitable — they actually want it to happen, because they want the U.S. dollar to be devalued.
That’s how Washington plans on easing its debt burden — by paying off its debt with dollars that are worth far less than they’re worth today. It’s called inflating its way out of a debt morass.
But it’s at your expense. Your financial well-being will be sacrificed.
My view: If you don’t take the action you need to take now to PROTECT your money and turn this looming, disastrous dollar devaluation to your advantage ...
It will cost you your wealth. Every penny you have will be negatively impacted.
Instead, take the action I recommend now —
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Best wishes,
Larry Edelson