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Bankers Declare War On Liberty (with Video)

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By now, most of you have heard about the FBI's recent raid on the offices of the producers of Liberty Dollars and their confiscation of millions of dollars worth of coins and metals.

What you may not realize is that this is the beginning of what will be a long and ferocious battle for the freedom of this once great nation of people to command and control their destinies.

Because as we all know, any and all talk about "Left" and "Right" and "Republicans" and "Democrats" is nothing but smoke and mirrors. The only thing that matters is - who controls the MONEY SUPPLY.

According to an affidavit (PDF) filed by FBI agent Andrew Romagnuolo in support of a federal seizure warrant obtained from a U.S. Magistrate last week, the feds have been investigating Liberty Dollar not just for violating federal bans on circulating alternative currency, but also for mail fraud, wire fraud, and money laundering.

Good post, but the writer fails to note that the charges of mail fraud, wire fraud, and money laundering are all based on the bogus charge that they are "guilty" of anything to begin with ("The currency violations above support the additional federal violations including mail fraud, wire fraud and conspiracy." See, p. 4 of the warrant; p. 1 of the affidavit).

But, since the whole Federal Reserve System is unconstitutional, the application of any laws that maintain that illegitimate monopoly are equally unconstitutional.

As for the mysterious connection to the Western District of North Carolina, the document names William Innes of Asheville as a Regional Currency Officer for Liberty Dollar and an executive committee member of the company. Undercover government agents made Asheville a focus of their investigation as a result, attending area meetings of Liberty Dollar prospective buyers and sellers.

The affidavit further details Liberty Dollar's structure and terms it a "multi-level marketing scheme." The FBI claims the company realizes a profit by selling the Liberty Dollars into circulation. The feds also went back to October 2002 for bank records of Liberty Dollar principals and cite large sums of cash moving between accounts said to be controlled by those individuals.


They've just described the conduct of millions of legitimate businesses in the United States.

I bought a whole bunch of worthless coins with a little mouse engraved on them, but the FBI hasn't raided Chuck-e-Cheese offices across the nation! And I can't imagine a more elaborate marketing scheme than that!

The document also mentions that the company continued to circulate Liberty Dollars after it had been warned by the US Mint not to do so. Part of the evidence cited for this is an FBI agent purchasing a "The US Mint Can Bite Me" t-shirt at a Liberty Dollar University event in October 2006.

The affidavit concludes that because the Liberty Dollar operation uses Federal Reserve Notes to conduct its business, it is fraudulent. "This reliance upon FRN's by a group opposed to FRN's demonstrates that the American Liberty Dollar Monetary system is simply a drain on the United State Government's monetary system for financial profit via fraudulent means," the feds claim. The document further claims there is probable cause that violations of federal law took place as a result of these activities.

This is all unadulterated, bogus, bullshit.

The affidavit also blames the Liberty Dollar producers for doubling the price of their coins when the increasing price of silver made it no longer profitable to sell the coins at 10 FRNs (see, p. 8, Affidavit).

Whose fault is that??? It's the Federal Reserve Notes that are losing value at an astronomical pace - why should liberty dollar producers be blamed???

I agree that their "cross-over" plan provides an unfair gain for Liberty Dollar associates (see, pp. 12-13, Affidavit). But, then they should be prosecuted for greed - not for violating a law that is unconstitutional to begin with.

But, as far as I know, there is no known law against greed in America. If there were, the Federal Reserve should be the first to be prosecuted.

Then they have the nerve to complain that Liberty Dollar producers call Federal Reserve Notes by their REAL NAME instead of referring to it as United States currency (see, p. 11 Affidavit).

Unbelievable Chutzpah. That's what the freaking thing says!!!

They're being prosecuted for telling the truth.

Based on the allegations presented in this affidavit, there is ZERO reason to believe that the makers of the Liberty Dollar did anything whatsoever outside of their rights under the Constitution.

Even if they may have planned to make a hefty profit out of competing with the Federal Reserve, at least they weren't trying to maintain a monopoly! Virtually anyone could become a Liberty Dollar Associate.

Moreover, customers know they are buying a product at a price (in FRNS) that provides the producer with a profit. Unfair profits are nothing that a little competition can't cure.

But, then this is not about legitimacy and fairness.

Liberty Dollar producers are being prosecuted because they succeeded in injecting Liberty Dollars into the market, which little by little will leave FRNs with a shrinking market of suckers [I mean, people] willing to accept them in exchange for their goods and labor.

Producing and circulating Liberty Dollars is completely within their rights under the US constitution, which is being grossly violated by the act that gives private bankers a monopoly on the money supply to begin with.

The Constitution gives congress the RIGHT to coin and REGULATE the value of money and FIX the standards of weights and measurements.

The fact that they are directed to "fix the standards of weights and measurements" undermines any argument that they are given a monopoly on coining money, let alone given the right to hand over that monopoly to a band of greedy private bankers.

Central bankers are simply pissed that their illegitimate monopoly on our money supply is being challenged, so they do what they do best - command the government they control to force their monopoly money on the people.

But, this time - they've gone too far.

If we're not free to use the money we want, then we're not free - PERIOD.

Let the battle begin.