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TRUMP WINS AGAIN: $1B Jobs Announcement Has Liberals Fuming

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Liberals can bash President Trump all they want for his supposed failings, but they can’t deny that he’s boosting our economy.

According to WBRC News, Mercedes-Benz made a wonderful announcement at an event on Thursday, stating they will open a new plant to begin producing electric cars in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama. According to Alabama Governor Kay Ivey, this deal, worth $1 billion, will create 600 new jobs for people in the county.

The Goldwater reports that Mercedes-Benz will be creating a new plant with the $1 billion deal that will create electric versions of all current Mercedes-Benz models by the year 2022. This ambitious goal will see 50 different electric cars hit the market.

At the event in Alabama, Member of the Divisional Board of Mercedes-Benz Cars Markus Schafer said: “We are excited to celebrate 20 years of production in Tuscaloosa by expanding our operations in the region and by bringing our electric initiative to the United States.”

Schafer stated the reason Mercedes-Benz decided to create the plant in Alabama and not in Europe was directly due to the removal of various Obama-era regulations that would have made it less profitable to operate locally.

Alabama Commerce Secretary Greg Canfield explained that the state was able to incentivize Mercedes-Benz to stay locally through statutory incentives, performance-based incentives, statutory tax abatements, and tax credits, all included in the $1 billion deal. All this would have been impossible under Obama.

Schafer stated that the new plant would represent the company’s interest in expanding manufacturing industries in the US. “With this $1 billion investment, we are significantly growing our manufacturing footprint here in Alabama, while sending a clear message to our customers across the US and around the world that Mercedes-Benz will continue to be on the cutting-edge of electric vehicle development and production.”

While 600 jobs may not sound like a lot, it means 600 people will be able to provide for their families, donate to charities, and pay taxes as long as the plant remains open. They will also be producing cars locally which means those cars can be sold to Americans a

t a much cheaper price as they will not include the importation fees and costs they normally would if they had been sent from Europe instead.