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Chipotle Noew Subject of Broader Criminal INvestigation: Comp Sales Fall 14 %

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Feb. 2, 2016


The CDC says they cannot find where the e. coli came from, meaning it was likely industrial sabotage. Starting a new investigation is just more punishment for daring to advertise they are non-GMO! ~Mike Rivero


The Kikes won't let up until Chipotle is out of business, which is howThe offspring of the devil himself view prosperity They have no control over, which is why the Minions/Jews of His Sirtanic Majesty, destroyed Germany. --RR



Chipotle shares drop 6% in premarket


Chipotle's stock fell sharply in premarket trading on Wednesday following a weak earnings report on Tuesday.

Shares were down more than 6 percent before the bell.

In addition, JPMorgan, which recently downgraded Chipotle to neutral, maintained its December 2016 stock price target of $465.

It closed Tuesday at $475 a share.

Chipotle beat Wall Street's earnings expectations on Tuesday, but shares fell as it revealed a wider criminal probe into the company's recent food-safety scandal.

Chipotle said federal prosecutors in central California wanted 3 years' worth of information on food safety matters; the Mexican food chain is cooperating with the probe.