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Burger King franchisee owner gives $120K in bonuses after winning 'Franchisee of the Year'

Jameson Fleming

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Tom Barnett accepts Burger King's 'Franchisee of the Year' award. He passed along his prizes to his employees. (Screenshot from 3TV video)


 February 24, 2015



Employees of an Arizona chain of Burger King restaurants received a big surprise last week when they learned many employees would receive bonuses for winning Burger King's 'Franchisee of the Year.'

Barnett Management Company runs 24 Burger King restaurants throughout Arizona and won the award thanks to excellent customer service and corporate inspections, according to 3TV.

Besides the recognition, the CEO of the company received a new Corvette and a Rolex watch from Burger King's corporate offices.

Initially, employees joked with Barnett, asking just for the chance to take the brand new Corvette for a test drive. They later found out Barnett had much more in store for them, employee Eric Tejeda told 3TV.

Tom Barnett sold his prizes and redistributed that money among more than 100 employees of the restaurants.

After adding some of their own money, Barnett and his fellow owners were able to dish out more than $120,000 to the men and women behind the franchisee's success. The bonuses ranged from $100 to $5,000, reports Fox 10 in Phoenix.

The bonuses significantly impacted the lives of several employees who told their stories to news outlets.

One general manager, Fernando Enriquez, told Fox 10 that he received enough money to help his mom who was having surgery as well as pay off car and schooling bills for his children.

In 15-year employee Charity Callahan's case, she received nearly a month's worth of pay from the bonuses. "I just couldn't believe it. I was in shock," she told 3TV. "They made us all feel appreciated."