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Dozens of shoe retailers, including Nike and Adidas, sign letter to Trump urging a halt to tariffs

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MY COMMENT: I just checked Claudia's Sketchers and they are not made in China. And Lots of Adidas are made in Germany. The brand of shoes I always buy is Sportline because they are mega cheap, ($15 a pair) wear like a Nike, and last a long time. Checked the tags. NOT made in China. And nothing on earth can beat a pair of "made in the USA" Red Wings which I have bought several times.

It is pathetic for a shoe company to be so dependent on China to accomplish their undercut that they are going to freak out over a tariff on ONE COUNTRY - CHINA, when I could not find a single pair of shoes in the house "made in China" when I never even checked to see where any of them were made. I did not avoid China on purpose. And the Sketchers Claudia uses last far longer than Nike. Shoe manufacturers that HAVE TO use China can eat lint. If the tariffs are "going to cost shoe shoppers $7 billion each year, " whoever buying those shoes can obviously afford it when there are so many quality shoes available from elsewhere that I can't even find a pair of Chinese shoes in my closet or Claudia's.

I'll make a bet: The people who own the shoe companies that are "DEMANDING" Trump drop the tariffs are SLAVE DRIVING COMMIE LEFTIST HYPOCRITES, who virtue signal while performing abortions and drive "lesser people" into the trash. To hell with the American worker, you can't pay them a living wage and then score a 7X markup!

Yes, communism will work WELL for them, provided they sit at the top of the food chain.

Jim Stone