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Boycott these 60 companies that donate money to fund the systematic murder of unborn human babies

Isabelle Z.

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Image: Boycott these 60 companies that donate money to fund the systematic murder of unborn human babies

Many of Planned Parenthood’s practices surrounding abortion are unconscionable. Whether you agree with abortion in theory or not, it’s hard to get behind an organization that was caught trafficking the body parts and organs of the babies it murders for profit. Now, they’ve only added to the list of reasons not to support them by proudly sponsoring the Women’s March, whose leaders have been accused of anti-Semitism.

As the biggest single provider of abortions in America, Planned Parenthood performs more than 300,000 abortions each year, and their political arm works tirelessly to influence elections and implement liberal policies around the country. Undercover videos that came to light in recent years showed top execs from the group wining and dining agents who posed as buyers of baby body parts and cutting deals with them.

More than 25 percent of the $1.3 billion in revenue Planned Parenthood brings in each year comes from private donations, and these include corporate contributions. That’s right; companies you patronize could very well be handing over some of your hard-earned money to a group that has no respect for human life.

If you’d rather not support the systematic murder of unborn human babies, here is a list of 60 companies and nonprofit organizations that have directly funded Planned Parenthood. The list, which was last updated on June 21, was compiled by a “conservative watchdog for corporate activism” called 2nd Vote. You can also see the list on their website.

2nd vote believes that Americans have another way to make their voices heard besides at the ballot box, and that is the vote you can make with your wallet. If you currently support any of these businesses, it may be time to start seeking alternatives that don’t help fund this baby-killing organization.

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1. Adobe*

2. Aetna*

3. Allstate*

4. American Express

5. Amgen*

6. AutoZone

7. Avon*

8. Bank of America*

9. Bath & Body Works**

10. Ben & Jerry’s*

11. Blue Cross Blue Shield

12. Boeing*

13. BP

14. Charles Schwab

15. Clorox*

16. Craigslist

17. Converse***

18. Deutsche Bank*

19. Diageo

20. Dockers***

21. Energizer

22. Expedia*

23. ExxonMobil*

24. Fannie Mae*

25. Freddie Mac*

26. Frito Lay**

27. General Electric*

28. Groupon (partners with Planned Parenthood)

29. Intuit*

30. Jiffy Lube**

31. JPMorgan Chase

32. Johnson & Johnson*

33. Kaiser Permanente

34. Kraft Heinz*

35. Levi Strauss*

36. Liberty Mutual*

37. March of Dimes (individual chapters)

38. Microsoft*

39. Mondelez International*

40. Monsanto*

41. Morgan Stanley*

42. Nike*

43. Oracle*

44. Patagonia

45. PayPal*

46. PepsiCo

47. Pfizer*

48. Progressive Insurance*

49. Prudential*

50. Qualcomm*

51. Starbucks*

52. Shell

53. Susan G. Komen

54. Unilever

55. United Airlines*

56. United Way (individual chapters)

57. US Bank*

58. Verizon

59. Wells Fargo

60. WD-40 Company

*In these cases, the company’s giving is via matching gifts to Planned Parenthood.

**In these cases, the organization’s parent company gives money to Planned Parenthood.

***In these cases, the organization’s parent company matches gifts to Planned Parenthood.

2nd Vote also has a list of 243 other businesses that have financially supported third-party groups that are known to fund Planned Parenthood.

If you do decide to take your business elsewhere, drive the point home by contacting these companies and letting them know why you’ll no longer support them. Tell them you don’t want your money going to an organization that rewards its “salespeople” with pizza parties for meeting abortion quotas and harvests the organs of partially-born babies for profit.

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