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Google’s life sciences unit is releasing 20 million bacteria-infected mosquitoes in Fresno

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What in the world is Google doing dabbling around in stuff like this?

Google is going to be releasing approximately 20 million lab grown mosquitos in Fresno. Supposedly they are all male so they won't bite. They are infected with a bacteria that makes females sterile.

Somehow the zika carrying mosquitos made it to Fresno in 2013 (the same way they made it to Mexico obviously, via a helicopter that flew around and released them) but that's beside the point. Create a problem and then offer a solution that produces the desired outcome, whatever that is I guess.

And yes, this story comes complete with a hoax girl who supposedly got Zika through sex. Not that she'd notice, and not that she'd ever be tested for it, because it has no symptoms anyone would go to the doctor for. And yes, they'll probably have microcephaly cases in Fresno because Zika has never caused that before either but is a convenient scapegoat for damage caused other ways. Heck, maybe Google is actually releasing a GMO brain shrinking agent, They can be trusted after all, RIGHT? and then they'll no doubt say, SEE, WE TOLD YOU SO, and we tried to stop it!

Jim Stone