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Statement by Noem Chomsky

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"The major media are large corporations, owned by and interlinked with even larger conglomerates. Like other corporations, they sell a product to a market. The market is advertisers - that is, other businesses. The product is audiences, [and] for the elite media, [they're] relatively privileged audiences. So we have major corporations selling fairly wealthy and privileged audiences to other businesses. Not surprisingly, the picture of the world presented reflects the narrow and biased interests and values of the sellers, the buyers and the product." -- Noam Chomsky (from Take the Rich Off Welfare - Odonian Press, p133)

"The above statement is cover for simply stating that the job of the media is to mind-wipe the public, and then impregnate Their thoughts with suggestive urges to go out and buy products that poison Them, and keep Them perpetually in debt because the poor fools could not afford Them to start with."


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