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'OPT OUT' is NOT a win!

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April 20, 2012

In my humble opinion this is NOT a WIN.  To Opt out of Smart Meters is to admit you have no right to choose or rights to your constitutional rights.

To opt out is like opting out of slavery when the slavery itself is illegal…. Don’t you see that to accept an “opt out” you have let the powers that be know you have no rights!!

This must be an “OPT IN” situation in order for the people to keep their promised rights and protection of the constitution.  I know it may seem to be a win. I assure you, the win is not for the people if we accept this… And look  at 8-9 11 & 14!(document below) Am I reading this wrong or does this make it ok for the people to pay and pay and pay for the privilege of not having a smart meter on their home when the very fact of these meters and the way they are being rolled out is a direct violation of your constitutional rights.

(Know that the study to see if these are safe around humans will not be complete until 2014 #4 on this link))

Let’s wake up and see this for what it is….We are being manipulated into accepting this as a win….This is a win for the Utility co Not for the people.

This is my opinion of course.  Anything less than an “Opt In” is laying down and admitting they have the right to force us and to punish us with fees and not allowing us to decide what we want attached to our homes.


Here are the headlines we received: (more article below this)



Experts said it Couldn’t Be Done – Tobin Law Group & Consumers Power Alliance Score a Victory. Below is what everyone seems to be so happy about! Read carefully, you will see this is NOT a win but a way of shutting up those of us who are demanding to upholding of our US Constitutional rights.

DECISION MODIFYING DECISION 08-09-039 – Conclusions of Law – Effective Now.

1.        A residential customer should be allowed to opt-out of a wireless smart meter for any reason, or for no reason.
2.        The opt-out option adopted must balance the concerns expressed by customers against California’s overall energy policy.
3.        Allowing residential customers an opportunity to opt out of receiving a wireless smart meter should not impede ongoing state energy objectives.
4.        It is important that the selected opt-out option has the capability to allow customers to take advantage of smart grid benefits.
5.        Although a non-communicating smart meter is the preferred opt-out option, an analog meter opt-out option could be offered at this time, as there are no mandatory residential TOU rates.
6.        Customers who participate in the opt-out option should retain the meter currently installed at their location or receive the meter form (i.e., an analog meter or a non-analog, non-smart digital meter) that had been at the customer’s location prior to the installation of a wireless smart meter.
7.        Until there is additional information on the costs to offer multiple opt-out options, only a single opt-out option should be offered.
8.        Since SCE’s deployment of the Edison SmartConnect Program is consistent with the requirements of D.08-09-039, it should be allowed to recover the costs associated with offering the opt-out option to the extent those costs are found to be appropriate, reasonable and not already being recovered in rates.
9.        A residential customer selecting the opt-out option should be assessed an initial charge and a monthly charge.
10.     A discount should be provided to customers enrolled in the CARE program.
11.     There should be a second phase in this proceeding to consider cost and cost allocation issues associated with offering an opt-out option
12.     It would be appropriate to include the substantive and procedural components of D.12-02-014 in this proceeding for purposes of statewide consistency.
13.     The modifications to SCE’s Edison SmartConnect Program to include an opt-out program should be implemented as quickly as possible.
14.     An interim initial fee and monthly charge for customers electing the opt-out option should be assessed until a final decision on cost and allocation issues is issued.
15.     SCE should be authorized to establish a new two-way memorandum account to track revenues and costs associated with providing the opt-out option until a final decision on cost and allocation issues is issued.
16.     The September 21, 2011 Assigned Commissioner’s Ruling directing the utilities to allow residential customers to be placed on a delay list should no longer be applicable for SCE.
Consumers Power Alliance (CPA) is putting power back into the hands of consumers.

 Consumers Power Alliance (CPA) is a public benefit association dedicated to the ongoing education, representation, and protection of California consumers. CPA participates in the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) regulatory proceedings and other related activities.

 continuation of article:

So how does this look to you? I am taken back by how many people think this is a win for the people. Know that in numbers we have the power and the might to make this right! Know that when thousands and millions of American Citizen’s stand up and say NO! not on my house, things will change. So tell your neighbors and your friends. Tell everyone you know, it is time to get involved and support and honor our Constitution. This Opt Out is a slippery road. Once a digital meter is on your home the software inside can be changed without you ever knowing it. I for one do not trust the Utility Companies, or the PUC’s, you know the ones that have assured us that “these meters do not have RF and they are not harmful or spying.”  These statements have been proven over and over to be lies.  Please learn the truth and know if we do not fight for our 4th amendment right we are all doomed to a life of slavery. Chipping is next! If we do not stop the meters we leave ourselves open to be chipped! Did you know it was actually in the first 9 versions of the health care bill? Yes, mandatory chipping for all American citizens! That is another story but mark my words, if we do not stop this now, what’s next?

Below is a response to this information. Thank you for writing in:

I agree 100% with you. There is nothing victorious about lying down and taking with THEY ARE WILLING TO LET US DO, when they have no authority at all in this situation, other than that they take for themselves via bogus regulations and other corporate mumbo jumbo, not even remotely related to the constitution.

There is a disgusting twist that has taken place in the semantics of this whole thing. Apparently it is victorious to be charged over and over and over to NOT HAVE SOMETHING? Does this sound kind of like being forced to buy health insurance that will make the costs of health care go up and up and up? No victory there either…but this is the double speak that takes place in these situations to where people think they are winning when they are clearly losing. You’ve read 1984 right? This is how they do this to us, by working us over with night is day, good is bad, right is wrong…so that when the decisions are finally made AGAINST us, we think they are doing us a favor. All relativistic, all amoral, all slavery.  This makes me sick. PEOPLE NEED TO WAKE UP!