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David Wolfe speaks out about Sunfood, Monsanto, New Chapter and Procter & Gamble

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

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March 22, 2012

(NaturalNews) What do Sunfood and New Chapter both have in common? They have been taken over by corporate people with ties to Monsanto. In the case of Sunfood, the takeover was a "betrayal," says David Wolfe in this exclusive interview (see below). While in the case of New Chapter, the takeover was intentional.


As you've probably heard, one of the darling companies of the natural products industry, New Chapter, has sold out to Procter & Gamble, a consumer products and drug company with a board of directors that include people with ties to Monsanto, Diebold, weapons manufacturers, Big Pharma companies, Chevron, the Federal Reserve and top global banks. (


It's happening: A corporate takeover of natural products companies

Curious to learn what it's like to have your health products company taken over by corporate big wigs, I reached out to David Wolfe and asked him to tell his story in an exclusive interview. That interview is now posted on NaturalNews BUZZ at this link where you can listen to the audio of the interview:


The interview begins with an introduction explaining the context of the conversation, and David begins speaking at 6:00 in the audio. There, he describes his experience of "mental torture" of being what he describes as "betrayed" by those closest to him in the company. When ask about his advice for Paul Schulick, the CEO of New Chapter who headed up the sale of the company to Procter & Gamble, David Wolfe's advice was, "Get a good attorney, get the best attorney you can find. Because these people are savvy, they know how to steal, lie, rip you off, they know every trick in the book. The whole system has been designed by them, for them."


David Wolfe - affiliated with - is currently touring in Peru. Behind the scenes, he has warned about a "Monsanto takeover" of natural products companies, and a pattern is definitely emerging that supports his prophetic words. He's learned many lessons the hard way, but as you'll hear in this interview, he has found a real sense of happiness and abundance in pursuing quality of life regardless of his financial status.


Listen to the full interview at:




David Wolfe warns people to stay true to their hearts (and ethics)

In this interview, David Wolfe offers a warning and hard-won advice to younger, smaller companies who mistakenly think the name of the game is to "get big, sell out, and cash in."


I second that warning: Watch out, folks: If you have a successful natural products company, and if it becomes well known, you will be targeted for acquisition by a larger corporation, possibly part of the global corporate elite. Will you sell out and cash out? Or will you hold your ground and take a stand for what you believe in? Or, even worse, will you make a deal with the Devil and surround yourself with poisoners and jackals while foolishly convincing yourself that you are going to somehow reform them?


Corporate jackals aren't interests in health, folks. They don't care about sustainability, vitality, longevity or economic liberty. They are financial vampires who suck you dry and throw your shriveled, dead body out to the dogs. Don't believe me? Just listen to John Perkins, former Economic Hit Man, who explains all this in two additional interviews you may want to hear: