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Evict Monsanto from Texas

John Duffy

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March 19, 2012

To be delivered to: Jeffry Michelson, Lockhart, Texas Chamber of Commerce Chair, Bobby Watson, Fredericksburg, Texas Chamber of Commerce Chairman, Ben Downs, College Station, Texas Chamber of Commerce Chairman, Daniel C. Law, Caldwell County Texas Sheriff, Buddy Mills, Gillespie County Texas Sheriff and 5 other targets (click here to see more)

Evict Monsanto offices, operations, and products from our Central Texas cities, towns, fields, streams, and bodies. Demand they pack up all pieces and outgrowths of their operations in an ethical fashion, taking care of their central Texas employees as they exit, and paying restitution to the farmers and communities they have poisoned or otherwise harmed.

Monsanto has proven itself a danger to human and non-human communities. Through the production of toxins, carcinogens, and genetically modified organisms, Monsanto has by its actions loudly stated that they value the accumulation of money more than they value clean air, water, and soil, and they value the accumulation of money more than they value healthy communities of humans and non-humans.


Further, their campaigns of dishonesty concerning the safety of their products, their campaigns of legal warfare against small scale farmers, scientists, and journalists, their campaigns of corruption against democratic governments, and their campaigns of horrendous worker treatment in foreign countries demonstrate beyond any reasonable doubt that Monsanto's continued existence presents a clear an present danger not only to the foundations of life, but to human systems of government and justice.

NEW goal - We need 2,000 signatures


There are currently 1,549 signatures

Previous petition signers:

  Signer Date Place
1549. Seth Camm Mar 18, 2012 San Antonio, TX
1548. Rick Daniels Mar 18, 2012 Lancaster, OH
  Everybody in the United States needs to get behind this, Monsanto is poisoning us and the world with their toxins and GMO seeds.
1547. Josef D. Pinter. Mar 18, 2012 Mason, TX
1546. Christopher Rego Mar 17, 2012 MUMBAI, India
1545. Camille Johnson Mar 17, 2012 Carrollton, TX
  Evict Monsanto from Texas
1544. Whitney Johnson Mar 17, 2012 Garden City, TX
1543. Carie Johnson Mar 17, 2012 Pleasant Prairie, WI
1542. Shayler Rychlick Mar 16, 2012 Duncan, SC
1541. Linda Easley Mar 16, 2012 Springfield




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