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MFG, JPM, DOJ Discovery "Conspiracy"

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Feb. 14, 2012

In this groundbreaking (news breaking) interview of James Koutoulas; Warren Pollock explores how JP Morgan, former FBI director Louis Freeh, and the Department of Justice are working against MF Global Customers interests and the pursuit of justice through a transparent and truthful bankruptcy process. Customers are prevented from discovery under the rationalization that there is a meaningful investigation underway by the Department of Justice. At the same time Louis Freeh has refused to hand over information that may indicate fraud and malfeasance on the part of major players including Jon Corzine under the justification that he is protecting the interests of his client who is JP Morgan. We also know that the Department of Justice HAS NOT prosecuted mortgage securitization fraud and financial fraud which contributed to the 2008 financial collapse. The facts that customers need through discovery are being kept top secret by the enemies of transparency in the form of the DOJ, JPM, and Louis Freeh. MFGI and MFGH have the same management and the truth of this matter must be opened to the public. The real problem may be the Department of Justice failing to investigate against felonious conduct as defined by the Commodity Exchange act . The very fact we have missing funds indicate that a felony was committed. Why does Jon Corzine have his passport. 1) Corzine was Obama's biggest donor, 2) Obama has not given back money raised on his behalf, 3) Eric Holder is embroiled in the Fast and the Furious scandal. The fact these guys are not in handcuffs is beyond the pale. Commonality of management and the transference of assets should be enough to break the corporate vail now being used to protect JP Morgan, Jon Corzine, and MF Global Holdings. James estimates that customers could be made whole to 85% without bickering; beyond that will require litigation with MFGH, and the testing of issues including DSRO responsibilities of the CME. We talk about the refusal of MF Global to provide a comfort letter to JPM, James outlines his justifications for boycotting JPM.

Breaking NY Times


Trustee to Release Internal MF Global Documents


Alex Brandon/Associated Press

Louis J. Freeh, the trustee seeking to recover money for MF Global's creditors, agreed to turn over internal documents.

8:09 p.m. | Updated

The trustee overseeing the MF Global bankruptcy has agreed to turn over thousands of internal e-mails and documents to federal investigators, ending a dispute over the privacy of decisions made in the days before the firm collapsed.

The move by the trustee, Louis J. Freeh, to partly waive attorney-client privilege could be a significant boon to federal authorities who have sought the private documents for weeks. Some investigators suspect that certain e-mails — sent in late October as MF Global fell apart — contain clues about how the firm misused customer money.