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CPS Contractor Dyncorp Is Into Child Prostitution, Spying, Making Viruses

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Dyncorp is mostly known as a big rentacop company.  They are hired in a lot of places to TAKE PEOPLE'S CHILDREN AWAY FROM THEM for Child Protective Services (CPS).


Dyncorp doesn't just take people's kids away in the US.  They also do aircraft maintenance in places overseas as a military subcontractor, and they hold contracts to spray herbicides on coca fields, which sometimes escapes onto and kills legitimate crops in adjacent countries.  They helped provide security in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina, they train spies for our intelligence agencies, and for police departments, and they even do spy training for the US Post Office.

Dyncorp also holds several patents for viruses and for vaccines.

But we should not be trusting them with children: Dyncorp has a history of engaging in human trafficking and child prostitution, going back continuously for at least the last ten years.

An employee of Dyncorp working as an aircraft technician in Kosovo, Ben Johnston, blew the whistle on them in 2002 for engaging in child prostitution. Dyncorp employees and management were buying teenage girls the Russian mafia was bringing in.  Here is the story.  They were also tolerating people showing up drunk to work and putting in unnecessary parts to bill the gov't more.

Kathryn Bolkovac, a United Nations International Police Force monitor, filed a lawsuit in Britain in 2001 against DynCorp for firing her after she reported that Dyncorp police trainers in Bosnia were paying for prostitutes and participating in sex trafficking.  There is a 2010 movie about her called The Whistleblower.

In 2005, lobbyists from Dyncorp and Halliburton managed to stall an anti-forced-labor policy proposal at the Pentagon that would have added penalties for contractors engaging in human trafficking. Rep. Cynthia McKinney in 2005 grilled Donald Rumsfeld about why, but he just sort of gave lame excuses for the delay. (here is a video of this). As late as 2010, the Pentagon had still not lifted a finger to implement this proposed policy. (I'm not sure but I think this is still the case today).

If that's not scary enough, Dyncorp is also into virus and vaccine research, mostly for the flu. DynCorp has dozens of U.S. and international patents relating to the process of MANUFACTURING VIRUSES from African green monkey kidney cells.  US Patent 6025182 – “Method for producing a virus from an African green monkey kidney cell line” was issued to DynCorp Intl. on February 15, 2000.  This patent clearly describes the process of creating a “novel” virus from monkey cell material.

Here is a list of patents owned by Dyncorp .  They hold patents relating to the flu virus, dengue fever, and also for electronic security devices.


Dyncorp is also training spies in the US.  On or about October 20, 2009, DynCorp Intl. completed its acquisition of Alexandria Virginia-based Phoenix Consulting Group. They train ALL intelligence officers in ALL branches of the intelligence community – from the CIA, the NSA, Navy Intelligence, Army Intelligence, etc. And the Post Office.


Their child prostitution has not stopped all these years.  A leak to Drudge Report in Dec. 2010 alleged that Dyncorp employees in Afghanistan hired "dancing boys" to entertain them.

IS THIS WHO WE WANT TRAINING OUR SPIES????  AND TAKING OUR CHILDREN???  WHAT IF THEY ARE DOING THIS CHILD PROSTITUTION SHIT HERE TOO???  Don't you think this is a little like the fox guarding the henhouse?  Let's see, a spy company that does child prostitution, in charge of spying on people here in America and then taking away their children.  What could possibly go wrong here?  Do you think they would refrain from this here and because why?  Because the kids are Americans?  Because bad stuff only happens overseas?  Because they couldn't get away with it here?  Riiiiiiight.  Suuuuuuure.

Do you think that because the children who were victims of them were overseas makes it not count here?  Law enforcement against child pornography is coordinated internationally for a reason.  Their employees are Americans.  Those people come home sometimes.  They may still be working for them, only here.  The same employees who were either engaging in child prostitution or turning a blind eye to it.  Some of them may not have gotten whistleblown on.  Some of them may have gotten away with it so far, and now are in charge of TAKING YOUR CHILDREN AWAY FROM YOU.

Keep in mind if you are a foster parent that you may be unwittingly participating in this crooked system that finds any excuse to take away someone's kids and then makes the parents jump through a million expensive, heartbreaking and humiliating hoops to get their kids back, while that system milks the government teat.  Now add to that, that the very company with a private contract to provide these "services" engages in child prostitution on the side, and also actually lobbies to prevent laws from being formed to curb this activity.

If Dyncorp is working for CPS in YOUR area, then fight back!  Start a campaign to get them FIRED. (but maybe only do so if you don't have minor children, or they may find a way to harass you via your children)

I stole some of this from here but only like a paragraph or 2 about the viruses and the spy training.  I verified it by going to Patent Storm and seeing they indeed hold patents related both to viruses and to security.  Also, Alex Jones seems to be on a warpath against them.  He alleged last night on his radio show that he received threats after exposing them the first time.  We'll see if they try that with me.  I'm not backing down either. This shit has to stop.


To fight false CPS accusations, here is a good site to start at:

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