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Amazon Gets Desperate. Gives Away $500 Worth of Designer Products for Customer Feedback.

Tom Rodgers, TNReport Tech

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People in United States will be shocked to hear that Amazon is running a special customer appreciation event and offering a huge discount to new and existing customers -- by selling designer watches, handbags, and other luxury products for $5 (that's 99% off the original price!)

For only the month of April, Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZ) has partnered up with trusted retailers to provide this limited time deal to customers. This is not a mistake: $5.

All of this is a part of an aggressive marketing strategy. Why are they offering such an incredible deal to United States residents? The Amazon marketing team explains: "Last year, the United States market share has dropped 35% and is losing to AliBaba worldwide. Amazon needs to capture United States users by liquidating high-end luxury goods for an extremely low price. In this way, people can become repeat customers who will spread the brand loyalty to their friends." 

Sounds too good to be true? That's what 24 year-old Allison Smith of Los Angeles thought too. She decided to take advantage of this month's survey and received her designer handbag for $5 in the mail just 2 days later.

Allison explains, "At first, I was skeptical, but all I had to do was take a short 5 question survey so it was easy. I decided to risk $5 for shipping, it's less than the cup of a coffee anyway. 2 days later, I found my new designer handbag in my mailbox!"

Apparently this "practically free" promotional tactic is common practice amongst large companies with big marketing budgets. For instance, Burger King launched a similar campaign in 2013, giving away 20,000 free Whoppers on Facebook.

Here's How to Get Your Free Designer Products for $5:

1. Simply visit the official Amazon Survey website by clicking here.

2. Complete the short 5-question survey, then select your product. Pay $5 for the price of shipping.

Your product will be shipped immediately (they even cover a majority of the shipping cost). Click here to check if the survey is still available. If you wait, you may not be able to take advantage of this limited time event due to high demand.

Update (Today): 27 April, 2018

Our team thought this promotion was too good to be true, so we ordered one over the weekend and received it yesterday morning!

We thought this special offer was too good to be true, so we took the survey over the weekend and received our luxury watch morning!
UPDATE: This event ends at the end of the month. As of today, there are less than 100 products remaining in stock. After this month, you won't find these luxury goods for less than $399 so act fast and take advantage of this incredible deal.