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Paul the Venetian

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TUE., APR. 18, 1989 1:00 P.M. YEAR 2, DAY 245

Good afternoon, Dharma, thank you for receiving of my energy. I am called Paul the Venetian in order that you will not confuse my label with that of Paul the Apostle who comes for these lessons as Hilarion.

More as definition of my vibration, I am referred to as the Cohan of the third ray with emphasis upon love, creativity and beauty. In other words, these are the areas of my, let us say, expertise.


Creativity and beauty cannot actually exist without the presence of “Love”, therefore, let us consider love.

Love IS the flowing essence, the ephemeral quality of God, as it is the movement of the wind and the flowing of water, it requires the greatest of discipline to be able to retain—to have and to hold that Love that is so tender, so gentle, and yet the ultimate expression of creative “fires”. Those who are the greatest artists, poets, and musicians who use the flame of Love to implement an idea of God are those who have the greatest discipline, discipline of self, energies of self, of life, even of time and space.

I come, then, to bring unto you an understanding of this discipline so that you will understand that discipline is not something to be feared, but rather that discipline is the Law, the fulfillment of Love. Discipline is a grid, a force-field that is necessary in order to have the flow of Love and to retain the flow of Love.

Where there are lives which are undisciplined, love departs; love compromised and perverted is lost. Where energies in motion are undisciplined, where there is not a chalice that can contain the liquid fire of Love, mankind then loses of that Love.

To be happy for eternity means that Love must be ensconced in a discipline that requires the discipline of self. To continue to receive Love, ye must give of it. Know that as you discipline your energy, your supply, your expression, the hours of your day, your service to life, you are increasing your capacity to release Love. The more you are disciplined, the stronger are the grids of consciousness. To have a strong consciousness, as strong sinews, enables you to balance megatons of the light-force that you call Love.

On Terra, however, there is such difficulty on the part of lifestreams in their handling of the currents of “Love”, many who should be master of the flame of the third ray are now in states of disintegration and their minds are filled with foul spirits and the mutterings of those spirits. This state of being in degradation results from having perverted that wondrous flame.

Because Love is such a powerful force, precious ones, its abuse results in a very severe trauma and karma and a deprivation of life and the life-force. Therefore, you see, all of the science of this age of enlightened knowledge, given at the hand of the alchemist, Saint Germain, is channeled to mankind as the flame of God-Love. For out of Love is the fulfillment of the Mother flame of every invention, every aspect of Divine Reality that is waiting to be lowered into manifestation through the creative genius of many among you and many among mankind.

Unfortunately, due to the educational systems of the world and the equation of certain mass concepts and certain omissions of concepts that ought to be taught from childhood, mankind has a misunderstanding of native genius and students are not taught of the talents of the Lord given to each one, nor are they taught how to release those talents and those flames of their innate God reality. People feel a sense of worthlessness and that only a few have abilities for invention and creativity.


I am come to tell you that locked in the heart of every one is a unique idea of Love that you can bring forth for the benefit of your fellowman and the progress of the culture of the Divine Mother. It can be manifest in many diverse ways and expressions. Most of you have held the gift in your heart for a succession of experiences simply because you have not been told you could release it, that you could bring it forth, that you are beings of ultimate creativity. More often ones lead you to believe you have no value, no talent, and so forth and so on in order to keep you in subjection. Well, dear ones, yours are the talents which will transcend the fads of the times and move across the centuries as a permanent contribution to the race of mankind. Therefore, I suggest we move right along with the locating and expressing of these talents.

God creates, therefore, it follows that you “must” be creative. In your hands, in your eyes, in the movement of energies through you there is creative flow. If you have the discipline here in this density you can realize beautiful thought-forms in matter. You can release those things that are not for profit nor for the trade and merchandising in the world that are here today and gone tomorrow. But rather, you can release a permanent contribution to thy brotherhood of mankind.

Let me give you a new concept of the need for self discipline. It is not because if you sin you will die, not if you sin you will be punished, but simply because if you are disorganized (and this is a “sin” against the order of the cosmos), if you are slovenly in your personal habits, if you allow yourself to be moved by every little current and every little sway, you will lose the fires of Love that will give you the greatest enjoyment of your life, the fulfillment of your creative destiny.

Self-discipline becomes a point of enlightened self-interest. To move toward fulfillment of your divine blueprint and your divine plan can be accomplished in the greatest beauty and joy of the fire of Love, if you will only take me into your daily invocations and give generously of the force of the Sacred Flame so that you can receive directly from your inner “Christ” flame of self. This will allow the genius within to move without.

Why cannot you walk the earth as Christed ones? What is hindering your manifestation of this most wondrous state of Being? It is only the ignorance, the banality, and the sleep of the ages; only because your media and your billboards are not constantly telling you that you can become that which ye desire in achievement. No, they tell you of the sensuality and desire of base pleasures which pull you farther from thy goal. Ye do become what ye vision and that which you are told and take within thyself as truth. You move with the banal energies for these energies flow within and upon the waves of mass consciousness, thus capturing you within the trap of hypnotic helplessness.

Well, I tell you, the media were given unto mankind as a means of disciplining self, selfhood, and of releasing to mankind the messages of the Masters. So be it for thus do things come to be misused.

Can you imagine if every time you turned on the television set the announcer said, “You can become Christ”? You would begin to believe it. It would become a common fact, no longer startling nor astounding. You must turn on the television set within your inner being, of your etheric body, and listen to the Masters until such time as your public media can be brought into change for the benefit of building up esteem instead of thrusting deeper into violence and low self-esteem.

I am releasing an opportunity for you to learn to realize there is an invention right within you, already functioning, a means of contacting through the etheric body, by a mechanism and an electronic frequency far above the physical plane—the octaves of the Ascended Masters. Those teachers are there waiting for thy request for participation.

Since there actually is no “time” or “space”, realize that you can be, at any moment of the hour or day, in the presence of your teacher of choice—or all of them. It simply takes the practice of projecting the mind’s eye to that physical point, that geographical location in time and space that is the coordinate where resides the master. This is actually not as difficult as it appears; thy brothers of the cosmos travel in this manner in their perceived “reality” and can manifest into matter in reality even to the sense of touch.

Let us have an experiment, for do you know that my pink “cape” is lined in green? I am a scientist of the first order, and you need not relegate me to the exclusive corner of being an artist. For I am a scientist as well as an artist, and I rejoice that both faculties have been given into my hand as tools.

Let the chalice that was released many years ago as a thought-form now be given here below as a chalice for the mental body. Let the chalice be a disciplined force-field given to you at my hand and yet which you yourself must fashion. This chalice will not remain with you unless you reinforce it by daily application to the discipline of calling upon the ray resources of our brothers Serapis Bey, Germain, et cetera.

As the waters seek their own level, so the flame of perfection seeks its own level. Since the level of mankind’s consciousness is at the level of imperfection, all that is perfect that is lowered into form must either be reinforced each day by those in embodiment or, if it is not, it will return to the higher octaves.

You might say, then, that this is decay in reverse, for, of course, perfection does not decay, it simply withdraws. Particle by particle, then, the chalice will return to the level of your Christ flame unless by invocations to that Christ flame you continually reinforce in the physical octave the atoms and molecules of fiery light that compose the chalice.

This experiment would somewhat equate to going the opposite way on an escalator or moving conveyer belt. If you don’t keep moving and keep decreeing, you will lose the ground that you have gained. That is almost how it is prior to your ascension, as though you were on an uphill climb and as though that belt were continually moving, so that you can never stop, for to stop is to move backwards with the automatic reverse trends of civilization and move down, down, down the “Mountain of Attainment”. Unless you are forever transcending yourself, you are not coming into perfection.

So I also come to release creativity, but I am limited, not by laws of the Cosmos, but by the law of your own being. Your own being has a law of its own, and each individual has made that law of himself according to himself and his own self-discipline.

In reality you are chalices filled with Love. You have, however, inverted those chalices and made them the entire complement of the electronic belt—the record, the memory of all past MIS-doings contained in the subconscious at the level of the astral plane.

Let us then consider that all we must do is turn the chalice that is now upside down, right side up.

Do you see that you can sow a garden that grows from the energies of the electronic belt? You can sow Love continuously. You have a great reservoir of Light on high in your causal body. It has been told to you, but I would remind you that every erg of energy that is transmuted in answer to your call is an asset stored in your cosmic bank account. You can then call upon those assets to bring forth fruition of thy goals.


If you have failed to complete a task or walked away from a situation, a karma, a marriage, a family, a job, a business where you should have fulfilled the transmutation of Love, you still have the time in this life to go back and set things unto rightness. It does not mean to compromise, but to return means to take your stand with the sacred fire, to compel the moving into that flame. Let the flame take that energy and place it upon the altar of cosmic honor and resolve the circumstance in Love and peace. Resolved in an order that all participants can move forward in light and harmony of peace, and not upon the jangled waves of discontent and bitterness. You must carefully weigh in the balance of Truth, each decision of your life and you must come to know that the flame of God-Justice is the flame of God-Mastery, no more; no less. This would become a gift unto you for you would have conquered in Love and in the art of living Love.

Since I am the Cohan of the heart place and as the pink flame of the heart is the frequency of Love to the world, may I come into your heart at least once within your week, let us say on Monday (which is so often called of blueness, i.e. “blue Monday) that we might work and begin to reverse this course of cancer which is eating away at thy beloved place. Let us effort at slowing the dis-ease, then stop of the disease and then let us reverse the disease into ease-ment.

You have all the electronic flow necessary to direct the course of your “reality”. You only now need learn to use of it in properness. No matter what you have been you can be better and life can be better and fuller from this moment on because you have accepted my Love. It is that by the working in unison we can multiply and compound the positive results relative to input. So be it.

Dharma, I place my seal upon these writings and now stand aside that the lessons are not of such length that we lose of our student’s interest. I will have further to share, but I believe we should conclude for this session. I am in great appreciation for thy assistance and for the kind sharing of Commander Hatonn.

Great blessings are brought forth to you ones from the higher energy flows. This energy comes with abiding love and care, therefore, please be accepting of the gift and come into peace and comfort with all thy works. Though the path seems tedious and trial laden; it is moving in perfection.

In service, I AM of the third ray of the pink vibration. I AM