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Creator God Aton-Hatonn/ Commander Ashtar

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SUN., SEP. 3, 1989 6:45 A.M. YEAR 3, DAY 018



Hatonn present. Greetings on this beauteous Sunday morn. With me today is Commander Ashtar. You have been aware of his presence for several days but he graciously waited the finishing of the manual segment. He wishes to speak to you ones and I would most appreciate it, Darma, if you would entertain him.


Ones who receive from us of the Higher frequencies frequently cannot relate to the fragmentation of ones of us. Ones will say, “Oh, well the Hatonn I receive from is a different aspect of the one from which Dharma receives.” When we are ready to combine instructions or correspondence there is no separation at all. Very often the thought format and wording is identical.

If ones will not accept the sharing, then you can be sure there is trouble afoot. Either ones are holding to their own ego apartheid or they fear their own messages might not be perfection.

Ones who pronounce, on a regular basis, dates, hours, events in unbending detail, for general publication are EGO bound. Ones who speak naught but generalized goobbledygook and pour sweet syrup over the “spectators” are not always pronouncing the original thought projection of the Sibor involved, but are cleaning it up to fit their human need and perception of that Sibor (teacher). So be it. You must look to all facets for Truth. If you pay attention, it matters not to you. Much Truth comes forth. You must be insightful.

We are here to participate in a most gargantuan task. There is no time left for even the consideration of building “church” houses and temples, as a for instance. The only temples you will build are those underground facilities to save the vehicles of God’s already built temples. God is perfectly capable of building and creating his own temples and has done so,—albeit the buildings get in great disrepair!

If a receiver’s ego cannot submit to obscurity, or hoards the lessons and messages unto one outlet for gain or personal commendation, that one is in error. You see, all can be separated in a most practical way through good business corporations. If one claims exclusivity (even if that one is exclusive) there is a gross problem for that one is trying to keep another from seeking truth elsewhere. We of the Higher Realms will never declare “one”. We would never place such a burden on a human worker, as receiver, nor would we deprive other searchers, who cannot procure a specific receiver’s writings, the ability to find truth.

Just suppose Hatonn pronounces that Dharma is the only one. She would immediately be set up and murdered. Further, in view of her trustworthiness, she would finally go mad with the burden of such responsibility.—That, dear ones, is left to a Christ who might choose to walk your plane. One who self-proclaims to be a Christ is unsound indeed and most foolish.

I will tarry no longer, for I wish to have you receive of Ashtar—you have many times in the past, and I want you to become comfortable and familiar with his energy for he is critically involved otherwise and we respect his “time” constraints. Thank you, chela.

* * * * *


Ashtar present, I trust you recognize me as we are elder friends, you and I. I move most rapidly so slow me up if need be, little sister.

Let there be no discomfort on your part that things do not present the possibility of joint communique at the present time. I can function even more astutely by utilizing the same receiver as Commander Hatonn. We work in total integration and it is only in effort of your comfort we would separate input. It is not necessary.

As information and instructions for the upcoming times will be sent forth from this sector of your planet. As regards this sector of your planet, I shall be experiencing alongside Aton, Sananda and Hatonn, as well as Korton, Soltec, and selected Commanders (not to leave out Semjase, Asket, Leah and the other ladies in our Commands). I am not a bigot. We have no need to consider such things for ours is a very well balanced community within which we function.

We have now finished the hook-up of my circuit in your head, Dharma, I know you have undergone gross inconvenience in your human world. It is not your hearing which is so impaired, dear one, as it is the “downloading” of data from my “computer base data center”. Sananda now has several who can and will work in total harmony as teams. I have not yet found such equality and you have offered, Commander Imnu, and I have accepted. You see, on this plane, you know of that which you are capable; it is the Earth density and insecurity of flesh manifestation that gives you cause to deny your abilities in full measure.

I do not wish to burden you further with explanation for you are in full knowledge and I only give you the human input that you can relax about seeming dysfunction. You will be screened from conscious knowledge per our contract with you as a functioning human so that you never be placed in jeopardy.

It is very near the timing for we, of the fleet, to begin to make ourselves known in visible format. At this time it is still too dangerous, quite frankly, to you ones who are Earth based. Yours is not to entertain the masses with space stories but rather to give forth instructions for evacuation and transition necessities. There has been such an abundance of silly nonsense put forth in efforts to discredit us. Haton trained you well, in that you are surrounded by dark brothers but they seldom get close enough to “count coup” on you.

It may seem most bothersome to clear thy spaces of our adversaries over and over, ad nauseam, but crucial and it is the only way to open the circuits to receive assistance and clarity in your own receiving.

We cause you to obtain books and written material for only one purpose, your protection. If, for instance, a survival guideline list is in perfection and already published, we will utilize that list so that you are not targeted as sole knowledge point. Further, it is our effort always to acknowledge contributions of ones in human format for their service. These records will be a portion of the very foundation of historical data for this evolution time period.

Some ones, such as Judas Iscarioth, have waited long to have their Earth experience cleaned. Others have given gifts in lack of realization, to their fellow man;—they have now arrived at the contribution mark of acknowledgement for their service. As a for instance, I would like to acknowledge ones Arthur Robinson, Ph.D. and Gary North, Ph.D., who have cared enough to compile a survival shelter blueprint to offer unto you ones, that you might have a chance to survive. I also honor their relations and attachments for there is great contribution of those ones, where there is such heavy workload.

Further, it gives us a parliament for expressing formal notice to the adversaries of you ones who are our base units. Every time the shield is allowed to be pierced, you become vulnerable. There are very few of you left who have not been tainted in some degree. It is always the association with Ego and the desire to please ones in your space, as well as gain accolades for self. There is naught wrong with appreciation of yourself or receiving appreciation and adoration of ones about you. It is the heart willingness to share and give all that is required, not always the actual giving of it. YOU MUST BE WILLING TO FORFEIT ALL HUMAN NEED FOR ACKNOWLEDGEMENT AS IF YOU NEVER EXISTED AT ALL UPON YOUR PLANE. IT DOES NOT MEAN IT WILL BE THUS, IT MEANS YOU MUST BE PREPARED AND WILLING IF IT SHOULD BE REQUIRED. WHEN WE NEED IMMEDIATE INTEGRATION OF INPUT, YOU MAY NOT TARRY EVEN A MOMENT IN SELF THOUGHT ABOUT THE SHARING. IT CANNOT BE. YOU WILL ONLY HAVE BRIEF MOMENTS IN WHICH TO ‘ACT’, THY BROTHER’S LITERAL LIFE WILL BE AT STAKE. THERE MUST BE NO HESITATION TO GIVE INSTANTLY WHAT IS REQUIRED.


In these Higher Frequencies, we use labels only for your convenience.—We recognize solely by energy patterns. We not only do not bear “Royal” titles, but find them abhorrent. A simple summons of “Ashtar” or “Hatonn” rings our frequency circuit “on switch”. We only function in a post of expertise and duty, not one above another as entities. Ones who place such “Royal” titles upon our beings are doing so in self Ego in order to pronounce their self proclaimed importance for working with us.

There must, however, be means of description and sometimes definition of words have been misrepresented. For instance, the word “priestess” means, simply, a mediatory agent. You ones make it into some royal hoopla that means great splendor and degrades the label itself. ”Commander” is only a designation of function; not some high label of your type of “pecking order”. It designates an area of responsibility and a given segment of authority. No more and no less. Any energy who comes to you with such title as “His Royal Omnipotent Highness”, watch out. Further, take care that you don’t swallow what thy fellow human tells you. Often labels are falsely placed by ones in power to cause you to denounce others.

Sometimes, even I am referred to as ”Lord”. That is a designation of master teacher, or leader of prominent rank. You ones must have some method of identifying us and you only have “words” with which to do so. Unfortunately, the Dark Adversary has corrupted the words so that you have no longer a correct definition. Just as with ”Jesus”, that is a word that is Greek and means “The Anointed One”. It was neither accurate for the one, Immanuel (who now bears the identifying insignia of “Sananda”), nor His name. It has grown to be accepted as His name, and incorrectly so. It has further been so misused and abused that it rings untrue with the masses because of the incorrect “stories” attached to that name. His name was called Immanuel (spelled Jmmanuel). He has now fulfilled all initiations and has reached His perfection. Creator calls Him Sananda—is that not good enough for you?

He is known by many, many names. It matters not to the energy form by what name you label him for He responds to the energy vibration of the call. You must look beyond the limits of your insufficient manifestation. So it is.

Dharma, you have grown well, chela. Your brothers heard my message of two years ago and you have accepted your discipline; With you we are greatly pleased. We give great gratitude and appreciation. You, and the ones with you, have sacrificed in human ways, to fulfill your work. We honor, and salute them. Their works are of no less importance, it is only that as a “community team” your works had to have prerogative. I give humble gratitude to you and Oberli and the precious ones who work at thy side. I also give recognition and gratitude to the ones who have stepped aside and allowed the time for the learning process.

It will be no less burdensome. You will have even less time for participation in life games and associations; but for this have ye come to Earth at this time of transition.

I shall move to stand-by. Commander Hatonn indicates release of the frequency. Sananda gives blessings unto you beloved ones.