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Esu Immanuel Sananda

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JUNE 27, 1991


Greetings Precious Druthea. I AM Sananda, One With God. I come in service to God of Light, of Knowledge and of Love.

This day I will discuss the condition of emotion which you call martyrdom. Let us define Martyr within your human dictionary, “1. One who submits to death rather than renounce his religion. 2. One who dies, suffers, or sacrifices everything for a principle, cause, etc. 3. One who suffers much, as from ill health or misfortune.”

One who believes that he must suffer and die for that which he believes in, or for God, is most mistaken as to the nature of GOD. God does not require suffering and death for soul salvation. He ONLY gives forth life to his human imaginings as well as ALL of Creation. It is the adversary who has “fooled” the devoted and developing human into believing that he must “die” for God and that suffering is somehow “good”. All I need say to this line of “thinking” is, it is nonsense, since it is not coming from the KNOWING of GOD.


Why is this so? Well, the difference is that a spiritually MATURE being will seek understanding of CAUSE of his error so that the KNOWLEDGE is gained from the experience that the error NOT be repeated. He will not seek continuous self-punishment for experiencing an EFFECT from an error in his thinking of which he KNOWS NOT THE CAUSE in self.

Hatonn has said repeatedly, and it bears repeating herein, that GOD needs LIVING devoted human beings upon physical 3rd dimension of Earth (Shan) to do His Work. He does not demand, require or even imply that HIS children need suffer and die in His behalf! GOD IS LIFE GIVING AND REGIVING LOVE!

If you martyr yourself, then it is human misperception influenced by the adversary that develops this desire to suffer and die. You become unable to truly serve God when you develop suffering of great pain and agony upon either physical or emotional self. For then most of your focus is on self in the suffering thereof. And when you die in physical form after suffering intensely, there is much healing that must occur even in the next place of your experience after your so-called “death” transition.


We have heard this said by many ones, especially within the “New Age” and even so-called “Christian” community. Now please do not misunderstand, every painful experience can teach you something from the “information of EFFECTS of motion” standpoint. Pain is a symptom, an EFFECT of dis-ease in one’s thinking/behavior, it is most certainly NOT the cause. Most often, when it is viewed from the EFFECTS standpoint, what you learn is that feeling pain is a pain and certainly NO fun. But UNTIL ones who suffer pain actually search CAUSE within THEIR creating experience and THEN GAIN KNOWLEDGE FROM GOD as to WHY one is punishing SELF, one will have learned nothing of absolute CURE.

Now think about this, chelas. How many of you have felt great KNOWLEDGE flow forth to you when you are in tremendous physical or emotional agony? Many of you have simply run to your nearest physical/emotional pain-killer, such as Alcohol and/or Drugs. Did you find your CAUSE in those drinks or those pills? Not only did you avoid the discovery of your CAUSE, many of you found yourselves addicted to the unbalanced EFFECT! The CAUSE must become KNOWN within, understood completely and released to allow a CURE of the dis-eased CAUSE and, therefore, the dis-eased EFFECT.

For example, you Mothers who have given birth to a wondrous child. IF you suffered great physical pain which we observe MOST of you do, were you not beside yourself thinking HOW to relieve the pain? DO YOU KNOW, PRECIOUS MOTHERS OF GOD, that child-birth NEED NOT be physical agony? YOU SIMPLY EXPECT THAT IT WILL BE AND SO IT IS. Could it be in your thinking that somehow the pain makes you a more worthy Mother? And is the Joy of the gift of the child more wondrous when you have suffered to give birth? Ponder these questions within God-Knowing, chelas. There is no Pain required to be “Worthy” and “Joyous”... ONLY LOVE. So Be it.

Very simply put, chelas, PAIN is EFFECT of YOUR desire to suffer. WHY would any CHOOSE to suffer? Mostly because you have been taught and have BELIEVED the lie that suffering somehow makes you worthy in “the eyes of God”. For most of you feel so unworthy and guilty in SELF that you seek SELF-punishment to somehow “even” the score with God.

All you are really doing, chelas, is punishing self and invalidating your LIFE. You are telling GOD, “I give up on life. All I deserve is suffering because I am worthless. So I will gain my immortality and acceptance by GOD by suffering FOR him.” This thinking behavior is so ludicrous! Do you see? GOD DOES NOT PUNISH; YOU PUNISH SELVES, ALWAYS. YOU REAP THE EFFECTS OF THAT WHICH YOU SOW IN EVERY CIRCUMSTANCE. WHEN YOU DEGRADE YOUR SPIRIT BY BREAKING THE LAWS OF BALANCE OF NATURE, YOU REAP THE EFFECTS OF THAT UNBALANCED BEHAVIOR, NO MORE AND NO LESS!


As I said earlier, when you suffer great emotional and/or physical pain and agony, you most often are not thinking about HOW to serve GOD, or how to assist your neighbor. You are too “busy” in self-suffering and usually garnering much needed “attention” from others around you. One who suffers “continuously” is most often STARVING for LOVE, attention and acknowledgement from others of friends and family.

YOU are in NEED when you suffer. Only most often, you ones seek OUTSIDE selves for nurturing and LOVE, instead of inquiring WITHIN of GOD for nurturing and UNDERSTANDING of SELF-CAUSE of the suffering. IN A MOMENT GOD WITHIN CAN ALLEVIATE ALL SUFFERING IF KNOWLEDGE OF SELF-CAUSE WAS ACCEPTED AND UNDERSTOOD.

In the first case of seeking from outside self, one is NOT taking responsibility for self, so KNOWLEDGE of CURE cannot be attained. In the second case of GOING WITHIN WITH PURE INTENT/DESIRE TO KNOW, one is most definitely TAKING responsibility for SELF-healing IN his MIND-THINKING dis-eased CAUSE. One has then ACCESSED and ACCEPTED the power of knowledge gained by GOD WITHIN.


There is absolutely nothing “wrong” with GIVING assurance and support to another for the work they are doing, especially if it has been beneficial for you. Often ones in service, such as mine scribes, work in blindness about the effectiveness of our work together in helping mankind attain inner KNOWLEDGE. The human still yet has very little ability to monitor EFFECTS of his efforts in other humans. And often you ones are much quicker to “criticize” another’s work from human “ego” perception than do you offer praise and support from receiving of SPIRITUAL benefit. So the sincere and supportive “feedback” is most heartening and reassuring to our scribes and other workers as well.

Druthea’s greatest concern, as well as most all of GOD’S scribes, is that she is translating our messages accurately. She often, most especially in the beginning of her receiving, really needs Hatonn’s and My reassurance that all is coming out as We intend it to. She is coming into comfort with Us, and working with us WITHOUT her human ego perception input interfering. Dharma, too, has had her times of extreme “concern” about her work with Hatonn as well as Mineself and All the others whom she has received for.

You see, for both Dharma and Druthea, the intent to serve GOD only is so very pure, and the commitment so very strong within, that the “letting go” of ego perception for purpose of GOD receiving has not been difficult for either of them. They may see it differently, only in reality of Truth, I am sure both would admit that ALL of the TESTING they have endured has simply made them STRONGER in their intent and commitment to serve God of Light.

Does that mean that they do not feel “hurt” or “angered” by sharp criticism and inconsideration by others who read THE WORD and yet do not see Truth? Of course not. They, too are impacted by perceived “negative” attack by others. And although I know, in the beginning when the threats and criticism and hatred were thrust at her, Dharma occasionally wondered about the value of her service, today SHE within herself certainly has NO doubt about the importance and value of her contribution.

What is so beautiful to behold from where I sit, is that both of these little doves, Dharma and Druthea, have only become MORE humbled and spiritually mature because of their work for God. Well, I’ve nearly brought Druthea to tears...

So you see, my precious chelas, when your integrity of service has become impeccable in intent, and you have truly given back your will to God’s will, then your desire is to ONLY serve Him. Your inner thought will be, “Please Father, I only wish to sustain in YOUR service, do YOUR will and BE an HONORABLE reflection of YOU”. Within you YOU WILL KNOW you are doing His will and the “right” deed, and then from human perception, occasional sincere assurance given from without is most appreciated. Inside you KNOW and will continue your service IN KNOWLEDGE ANYWAY, with or without outside reassurance.


When you give appreciation to SPIRIT within another, and not just false accolades to the EGO, then you lift them as well as self into GOD’S LOVE VIBRATION. You are demonstrating HIS giving and re-giving quality. And LOVE given in honor of intent is ALWAYS returned in abundance to SELF. You are then HIS grace in motion co-creating His Harmony of LOVE within Creation. A most splendid place to be...ONE WITH GOD’S MIND!!

Giving LOVE is becoming ONE with the Breath of GOD CREATING.

With that thought let us take a rest, Druthea, and ponder these things more carefully. Thank you, my precious little sister, for your service. I AM ever with thee, to lift and comfort thee. Walk with Me, my precious brothers, and I WILL bring you home. I AM Sananda. One WITH GOD, Within Creation. I LOVE you greatly, my brothers. Be at Peace. Salu.

PHOENIX JOURNAL EXPRESS, July 1991, Volume 14, Number 8,