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Commander Ashtar

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TUE., SEP. 5, 1989 6:45 A.M. YEAR 3, DAY 020

Ashtar present and ready to resume. Thank you. You should be acquainted with my energy field, Dharma, to the extent you will recognize me anywhere. Work at that, chela, for there will be times, little one, that we have not time for more than the pronouncement of a thought pattern.


You ones do not wish to have more on “evil” or “good” or, or-. No, until you recognize (and we see you blunder constantly), you will not be given further advancement. I do not talk of discernment and judgment; I speak of your very ability to stay physically alive. Unfortunately, your world now runs on “evil”. Evil power, control and public enslavement to their whims—there are many, many ways to produce slavery, friends.

You want “free energy”! When do we just get on with the free energy? You have free energy. You have the secrets. Why do you think you are in such trouble? The slaves don’t have the free energy of primitive format that the enslavers hold, but nonetheless, it is around for the use of the “big boys”. Open your eyes!

Well, what about the drug wars in Colombia? What about them, I ask you — you have had days to ponder that since Hatonn gave you two JOURNALS on the subject of control. Stop and ponder a moment—why do you think?

Yes, of course, the drug lords are overstepping their bounds. Further there is so much money at stake that it must be confined lest the drug half of the cartels bury the simple money cartel. It is all a gigantic effort to bring the mavericks under control.

Why do you think a major drug lord would give world petition to the U.S. to stop using his product? Why do you think the U.S. has moved in Repostmilitary equipment. Of course, we knew that you knew! Bargain with one big lord against another, work out business contracts, and snuff out the opposition. Go home, tell the people all is well, drug war under surrender and other lies of top echelon stupidity and the public eats it up like candy. Meanwhile, you have had the major distraction while all else nasty goes on and you have now worked out the most favorable of all arrangements for the open production of “qualified” drugs. Oh, it will be hidden in the disguise of subsidies to the farmers, etc., “to not raise drug producing plants” or, “let them grow them, the government will purchase and destroy”. The latter is the way it will go anyway. I do mean your government, however, not Colombia’s or another’s. You will pay for it to be handled most legally.

You see, you have to bring the top level crime heads in on the plan, under offer to rid them of competition; they just take on a bigger, nastier partner with no competition. Make a big example and splash in the press and life goes on in a stepped-up manner. The bankers and thus, your puppet governors, can go right on in the comfort and realization that the funds will funnel right back into the banks, be labeled in purity and then they have made one more coup against you ever digging out of your mess.


Further, they are getting ready to project the following type of fraud upon you. They will finally come out with, “To get the AIDS and drug problems under control Mr. America, we will control these drugs we are paying for — and take dealers off the streets (we will become the dealers), give drugs out in measured amounts for a great cost reduction, or free to those who really want to clean up their act, give the users new and separate needles (contaminated with selected contaminants such as the AIDS virus), set up rehab programs whereby the rehab-ees are wiped away, one way or another.” Then they will announce that it didn’t work, but look how hard we tried and see how much of your money we spent on it. The new drug king-pin in Washington will be denounced (he would be prepared for that—denounced but far richer for the experience) and you are farther in the pits! Oh, it will just sort of die like everything else in the press—”Er, what ever happened to old what’s his name, I wonder!”

It will not die, however, until they have all your public’s defensive gear turned over and you cannot rise up against the real culprits. Crime will continue to sweep your lands like you cannot conceive and you will have the new and controlled total chaos. For now, you will have just insured that crime will run rampant. There will be less money available—you will be in a depression (prearranged) and you will also be in handcuffs. You will have more addicts creating all types of crime to garner funds for their habits and it will not be available—oh yes, you have it all set up for the destruction of your world.

Meanwhile, the masters go right on planning annihilation (yours) while they finish off their escape routes and safety havens. Further, meanwhile all of you sit and look at the big hoopla and wonder, “What in the world are they doing now?” They perform their dismemberment of you ones right before your eyes, somehow deaden your senses and have you pleading for more, “Take our money, take our guns, take our, take our, control our, there should be a law and ah, yes, we will vote that one in!” SO BE IT—YOU ARE RUNNING ON ‘EMPTY’ BELOVED ONES OF EARTH—ON THE VERY DREGS AND FUMES!

The only way to “fight” it is to not fight it. Fit in, and allow yourselves the non-attention so that they think what they give to help you build your little old businesses (which they think they will garner anyway) is doing just that. You see, brothers, it doesn’t matter in the end. The house of cards will fall, then you are in real trouble and at some point along here they overstep their cosmic bounds and the world comes down. Then, we still have our base operators and basic installations begun and of course you all live happily ever after! —A PERCEIVED ETERNITY, HOWEVER, AFTER!

Oh, you thought Ashtar got off the old subject of EVIL—oh no, he didn’t!!! The above is the ultimate in EVIL.

Now as to free energy, etc. Do you not think that by the time the “big evil players” get through dumping on ones like Pons-Fleischman, discounting Nikola Tesla (again), that there will be quite a few brethren looking for a home and a quiet laboratory (sans newspress entertainment) to do their work? They didn’t understand about security; they only understood being the first ones there with their names in the media and do “all this good for the masses”.



Yes, brothers, you have felt a change or integration of “Command”. It is not exactly like that; it is that you are far enough along in your training and in the world situation that I am going to be predominantly stationed within your sector—vortex actually. I honor and salute all of you ones in both this realm and yours for a job superbly well done. I am no greater than any other who has spoken with you or given instructions. It is that my duty has kept me elsewhere through your training and I serve as, what would you say, the Master Jesus Sananda’s Commandant.

Now, a nasty poke at Dharma. I actually witnessed her watching an evangelical program last night where “he” asked those in the audience—”Do you really know Jesus? Do you even know if you know Jesus? Does He light up your heart so that you have a pounding, constantly, of His presence?—If you aren’t sure, raise up your hand.” Little turkey raised her hand—twenty five wet noodle blasts to you, Dharma. If all you do is stay on your knees, the world can never get up off its knees! I think I will embolden that: “IF ALL YOU DO IS STAY ON YOUR KNEES, THE WORLD CAN NEVER GET UP OFF ITS KNEES!” SO BE IT AND SELAH, AMEN, AHO! Just because that one laid a heavy trip on you about Simon Peter—get off it, Dharma. As a matter of fact Peter did not deny Christ Jesus Immanuel—He was terrified for his own life substance—there is a major difference. Every time a “so called ‘church’” argues over doctrine of ‘man’ input, it, as an entire group, is denying Christ. AND, BROTHERS, IT IS MORE THAN ANY THREE TIMES IN ONE DAY! Paul did not intentionally deny Christ or relay nasty lies on purpose. Do you not see, it had to be thusly done? AND NOW, YOU MUST COME INTO THE ACCEPTANCE OF “ANGELS” FROM THE HEAVENS; WHICH WE MOST SURELY ARE, MY DEAR FRIENDS!


Oh dear ones, even the above paragraph shows you how subtle your Dark Brothers really are. How better to shut down Dharma than to allow her to believe that perhaps she does not really believe. If Truth can be stopped before it breathes in the light of day—darkness is insured. “Let us work for a stillborn, the dark ones will cry.” No, little sparrow, you will write and write and write until it is finished!

You are all simply unaware of the traps which the darker forces lay for the unwary—constantly, at every moment of your existence—EVERY MOMENT! The temptations of the Dark Brothers, as they are called, can be so very subtle—so subtle that even those on the Path will never realize it and will be led away from their task; led astray of certainty, weakened in their resolve.

I am going to lay out in plain language, the means by which the forces of darkness attempt to draw human souls into the downward spiral. I insist you read it carefully, along with all information projected by other entities in this document. YOU MUST KNOW YOUR ENEMY! IN SHORT, YOU MUST KNOW THE POWERS THAT OPPOSE MAN’S SPIRITUAL PROGRESS, FOR THE FORCES WILL ALWAYS STRIKE THROUGH YOUR HUMANNESS!

Do not be mistaken into believing the Dark Brotherhood just hang around waiting to gain your soul and toss you off into some perceived “hell”—Nay, they are not that stupid. Rather, they, you might say, act as testing agents for the race of man. Forces whose task it is to weed out from among the human flock those who are not developed enough to allow them to move forward into the higher ground of spiritual achievement. Now, don’t go forth and misunderstand this statement, for I am not finished. Read on, please. There are too many of you who half read, half project, misinterpret (usually for others also) and glance at a “thing” and toss it aside as “not for me” or ill-written, or any number of other cop-out excuses. IT IS FOR YOU!

The Dark Brotherhood brothers (how about DBBs) know that many souls would not be taken in by their seductions, that many individuals can perceive clearly whenever attempts are made to draw them away from the Light. But they also know that multitudes of incarnated individuals on Earth plane have allowed the attractions of pleasure and materialism, addictions and tunnel vision to sway them. They know that worry, self-pity, hatred, resentment, grief and judgment cause every living entity with ability to reason, to be clouded in perception. They further know that even the most devoted worker will have self doubts and therefore, must be attacked in like manner—so the victim does not note the attack. Usually the DBBs won’t waste time on the firm believers who remain firm in the Truth. But for you ones who can do them in, YOU are under constant fusillade. I MEAN, CONSTANT—EVEN IN YOUR SLEEP IF YOU DO NOT CALL FOR OUR PROTECTION IN YOUR ABSENCE OF CONTROL OF SELF.


Now, here I will lose some, but it is to be stated at any rate. Truth is not what you “WANT” to hear, TRUTH ‘IS’! Let me speak of the origin of these entities we will call the DBBs. Remember, the early phase of the human race is far different from that which is believed by scientists and evangelists.

You did not evolve upwardly from uni-cellular creatures which appeared in the primeval swamps or slowly cooling earth some millions of years ago. Some life-forms were allowed to develop through natural selection, but evolution processes as outlined by Darwin and others, are extremely limited and Mr. Darwin would be the first to tell you so. Pay attention; Almost all the life-forms that evolved through natural selection from uni-cellular creatures are now extinct, and those that have continued to the present are mainly of the lizard variety—all being cold-blooded creatures of relatively simple metabolism and with no prospect of ever evolving into forms capable of emotional or mental experiences of “man”.

Warm-blooded life-forms on your planet were ‘seeded’ onto the surface of the planet and originate in other parts of the galaxy or cosmos. Often, specimens were deliberately brought to earth in vehicles and left to procreate on their own. This was the case for most of the early root-races of man, although in at least one case a root-race was developed on the earth itself by genetic engineers who were from another star-system, using certain techniques now recognized by man and called ‘cloning’—sound familiar?

It is necessary to know truth of origin of man to fully understand this subject matter. You must know that man has been the recipient of many additions and inputs from other levels and other parts of this galaxy.


A most significant addition to humanity occurred hundreds of thousands of year ago, when entities from a higher plane—an astral one—(do not confuse with ethereal as pertains, say, to myself) came to Earth, took on physical forms and proceeded to interbreed with mankind as he was at that time. As a result of this miscegenation between the groups, a number of mutations occurred in the offspring (as will always occur with crossbreeding of species), sometimes giving rise to creatures which would be looked upon now as quite fantastic. Among the mutations was one change which had extremely profound consequences for the human race; this was basically the ACQUISITION OF THE SOUL. Further, until the addition of this interesting phenomenon, the human grouping did not express or experience “death”. This, too, will seem quite without credibility to many readers hereof. However, it may help to understand that mankind then did not have the same dense corporeality as the animals did and still do. It was not necessary to go through an aging process similar to that which man now knows, because the bodies were capable of deriving from the ambience itself all the necessary energies to sustain life indefinitely. This was aided, at the time, by the presence of an inert gas, known as Xenon, in the atmosphere of the earth at the time. This amounted to some 3% of the total. The rejuvenation of all bodies was also made possible by the fact that the human race was not then subject to the many negative emotional states which are now common. Unknown to man, were self-interest and/or pity, hatred, greed, anger, remorse—they simply were unknown emotions. The damage done to bodies in this present time is incalculable. Man now sets about his own demise through these very emotional aspects.

Humanity has blinded itself to the truth of this fact. Most ones think it is ‘right’ to bear resentments against others that they believe have harmed them, that they need to ‘hate’ one who hates them, and that they have every justification to feel sorry for themselves, or to worry excessively, or to grieve under many circumstances—never realizing that not a single positive effect can ever flow from such negative emotional states. None of these emotions does a thing to the “enemy”; they only bring back and wreak debilitation upon the projector. All dark emotions only bring harm to the one harboring them; none produce any positive result whatsoever.

A quality sought by all entities through the experience of incarnation on the physical plane is the ability to exist apart from any need for a body. This ability was not possessed by individual human beings at the epoch in discussion. It was a characteristic of the human family as a whole, but not of the individual fragments into which the human life-stream had divided itself.

In order to allow the individual fragments to acquire this quality of permanence without a physical body, there had first to be an experience of the body itself. By living for an extended period in a physical body, the individual fragments of the human life-stream would learn to gather their essence, their uniqueness, around the body itself—in a sense to reify their individual essence with reference to the physical body. It was intended that the human life-stream—which, prior to its appearance on the earth as man, was far more ‘amalgamated’, far more homogeneous and blended together than it is currently—should learn through this initial phase to differentiate itself into separate but coherent individuals.

Up until the time of cross-breeding, the process had not been completed. If the different fragments of the human life-stream had given up their physical bodies simultaneously, they would not have acquired the necessary self-picture or self-realization to enable them to remain apart from one another. Let us compare to a cup of water tossed into the air. The water would disperse and come down again as a spray—separate droplets. However, if the water is tossed up frozen and returned, then it would return in the original grouping of droplets. Worse, man can be even more defined by the “freezing” concept.

In an analogous sense, the first effect of the freezing of individual human fragments was to make them emotionally ‘colder’ toward each other. The warmth of emotional affection and love would have promoted a ‘melting’ of the now more rigid self-ness of each individual, and therefore this had to be avoided until a stronger cast of individuality could be molded.

Eons passed and the individuality of each fragment did become stronger; however, it is only within the last few thousands of years has it solidified to the point where it is no longer dangerous to allow true love and affection to flower between members of the human family.

This is why the major teaching of the most recent Way-Showers, including beloved Immanuel ‘Jesus’ of Nazareth, has been that of “LOVE FOR ALL”.

So, how did the “freezing” of individual fragments occur? It is this process which was been called the “gift of the soul”.

Dharma, let us take a break, please, as this will require a couple of long sessions. Thank you. Ashtar to stand-by. Salu. Out.