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Esu Jesus Sananda

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WED., MAY 24, 1989 6:00 A.M. YEAR 2, DAY 280


In radiance, I come. We will speak of many things as we journey through this tight passage. Let us not tarry this day on painful subjects. All must come into confrontation with that which is more “reality” than the fantasy of daily sequence. Naught has changed. The perturbation and annoyance is as much for thy brethren as for thee. AS LONG AS THERE IS FREE-WILL CHOICE, THERE WILL BE DOUBTS. Ye must handle doubts for the blessings they provide—discernment. If there is always a bit of doubt, ye will check thy roadmaps often that ye not take a wrong turn at a crucial time.

The ability to question, reason and logic are thy great gifts. Ye have confronted Lucifer; ye have not yet, in this portion, confronted Satan. Ye “witness” the works of Satan, ye are enticed, tried and bribed by “Lucifer”, the sly one. Decisions must be made on a moment to moment basis. With the input from thy lessons within these writings and the teachings of lifetimes, ye can make of sound decisions. Ye ones must look at all possibilities, both positive and negative in perception; for there are only “positive” ones in the outcome. Ye shall make of all things into “positive” experience. Ye cannot move in a “fog” of blindness. Most especially when it includes thy brethren within the fog bank of thy actions.

I could more easily bear a cross than could I have stood by and allowed my brother to be hanged. If ye lose of the loving “human” gift of caring, we have naught for which to work. What merit survival if ye lose that which IS life? Ye only have the truth of this moment and if ye stand strong through “this” moment, the next will be also passed by equally as swiftly. Only the players and the sequence of experience changes. From time to time ye must play at the game of “Devil’s advocate” that ye do not blind of yourselves in false security of ridiculous “beingness”. There is a difference in active “faith” and “being” faith. In “being” faith ye are not really “in” faith. For, ye are haphazardly existing and quite honestly, depending on others to produce that you can continue in thy “being”. Ye ones must be very cautious for as ye grow, many, many ones will wish to come and allow you to act in their stead that they might “be”.

Ones must continually work to upgrade self and skills. Ones must be working many hours in each day segment to learn, grow and polish potential. Ye must move from a population of “specialty” into a balanced and varied skilled community. If all thee can do is sell a house, how shall thee eat when ye cannot grow of a garden? This is more a time of thinking than of heavy testing. Lucifer is a most helpful brother in the bringing of truth and variety of possibilities to thy attention. THERE ARE ALWAYS OPTIONS OF ACTION, CHOICES OF ALTERNATIVES; YE MUST UTILIZE THE MOST PROPITIOUS AVENUES OF TRAVEL AND UTILIZATION. Ye must ALWAYS check and evaluate how it affects the programs of the group, thy singular passage and that of thy brother; familiar and unfamiliar. Whatever might be the perceived problem, ye must always share and lean a bit upon another, for we are all in this “thing” together.

Yes, ye will each and all constantly be in evaluation and doubt. It is the lack of decision and the “drifting” into “whatever” that will destroy thee. Give head-forward, intelligent attention to these things as they arise and thy answers will flow. Sometimes thy brother will be given the solution to a problem and you will have missed of it. Be open; hear, listen even unto the warnings and temptations of Lucifer for he will keep thee on thy toes. Do not allow of him to touch of thee. His touch is smooth and he promises “ease” of passage. I cannot promise thee ease of passage but I can GUARANTEE passage. I do not promise wondrous negation of that which will be; I do promise to be with thee every step of the journey. I do not promise thee a rose with naught thorns; I do promise that I shall abide with thee in the thorned garden. I shall also pluck the thorned crown from thy brow.

Ye are at the threshhold of bombardment of movement and activity. Ones of thy group are not prepared; ye ones will need carry an incredibly heavy burden for an indeterminate period of sequence. Ye shall attract help as the “underground” messages go forth, but each and all require “time”. Ye will dispair and weary—pay attention to the red flares which warn thee of impending trouble. When ye are too weary and clouded by personal interactions and internalization, ye tend to err. Be always alert and cautious for that is when ye can be struck down by thy adversaries.


Precious chela, not only are thee not through with thy testing, ye shall never be done with thy testing. Yours is a job which can bear not untruth in the writing. Ye are not finished with the torment of this moment nor this week. Nay, I nor thy energy brothers will make decisions “for” thee—any of you. That IS thy purpose, to make decisions and come into the truth and intensity of the decision. Ye cannot “flap” in the wind as a string from a broken kite. Ye must be dedicated, willing to give “all” to the purpose upon which decided, and take action. Sometimes thy decisions will be in error—go within from whence comes thy help, and “listen”. Ye shall be given the information to guide thy actions. Ye will be able to evaluate, change, improve and mold that which is better. Thy circumstance will change with the blinking of thine eyes; thy “goal” must not ever change. Take special care at each duty or enjoyment that can bring you down physically—take care! That does not mean thee cannot do of it—TAKE CARE THAT YE ARE NOT AT ALL CARELESS OR GIVEN TO EGO “CHANCES” TO “SHOW OFF” THY GREAT IMPORTANCE OR TRAINED SKILLS. IT IS “PRIDE” THAT SHALL PULL THEE DOWN. BETTER YE LET GO OF THY “PRIDEFUL EGO” NOW, BEFORE IT BURIES THEE. Be careful, too, that even in the “faith” you are not pulled down. There is more “pride” in “accepting faith” than in almost any other area of experience. THE TRAPS ARE EVERYWHERE THEE ARE. EVERYWHERE. KNOW THINE ENEMY, AND BETTER, KNOW SELF FOR THINE “ENEMY” IN THIS BATTLE CERTAINLY KNOWS THEE!

Ye have been playing the game from the sideline. That will soon cease to be an option for each and all of you. You, like the rest of the “squad”, thinks ye know the rules and have practiced in the scrimmages. When ye are in the firing line it will be the real test and then ’tis too late. In the heat of the battle will thy metal be really tested—THAT, BELOVED ONES, IS WHEN LUCIFER BECOMES SATAN. HE NEEDS NO “BIG GUNS” YET; ’TIS UNDER FIRE AND LIVE AMMUNITION THAT YE PRAY THY BROTHER HAS LEARNED TO PLAY AS WELL AS HAVE THEE. THEREFORE, “YOU” HAD BETTER BE LEARNING TO PERFECTION. Mine is not to chide nor be “dramatic”; mine is to tell you truth and cause you to “think” in utmost care from both thy perceived positive and negative aspects. Thine enemies are trained in clever subterfuge, be they human or discarnate. Ye cannot “prove” faith, it is as thy “insurance” policies; ye cannot buy of insurance after the car is wrecked or the body is dead. Ye have to have already purchased the policy in thy “non-need” state. If it requires space craft parked on thy lawn or money poured for no reason from the skies, ye have not faith. There is only personal, inside acceptance—no “proof”, and ye ones will learn to see the signs which are sent unto thee for thy support. Ye, of all ones, must have reached thy decisions in BLINDED acceptance of My presence and reality. Do not ask of any to do foolish nonsense in “proving” a thing and further, you do not do foolish things to “prove” a “thing”. Foolish proving games are of ego and devil prodding—Truth needs no “proof”, Truth IS! No more; no less. So be it.

Let us put this to close, Dharma. Ye are weary and there is much to be done this day, as all days. Go forth with Dalene that the bonding can be renewed and that she might find some joy in her circumstance. The birth of a child is to be shared with a mate and she has it not. Bring light within that joy can be abundant in what now appears most dreary. My blessings rest upon ye ones most dearly and most completely.