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TUE., MAY 23, 1989 5:45 A.M. YEAR 2, DAY 279

Who wrote Genesis? Was it Elijah? Job? Zeus? Dionysus? Moses? Adam and Eve? Perhaps Isaiah? Ah so! Do I make my point? Perhaps it was Aton; He certainly knew of it. Lucifer? Probably not for by this time he was called Satan, serpent, Devil. Why was he called these things instead of Lucifer?

I AM JESUS who comes again this day, Dharma, to speak concerning these things which must come into balance that ye might be prepared in Truth and not fable.


Lucifer was created in total perfection. His name alone, gives cause to pause; it means “the Son of the morning”, “Prince of the dawn”, “The Morning Star” and “The Shining One”. He was given the “seal of perfection”. Father spoke of him as the “anointed” one, which meant supreme favor with Father God. This was the greatest being God had created, one who had unequaled strength, wisdom, beauty, privilege and authority.

The highest and most exalted position of the spirit realm was held by Lucifer, a creature who was perfect in all of his ways from the day of his creation. How could such perfection come to be the greatest adversary (Satan) known to the Universe? How could he fall to the level of “Devil” (accuser; slanderer)? How could perfection come into total imperfection?

The highest position in the angelic realm was held by Lucifer, a creature who was perfect in all of his ways from the day he was created. Hatonn has often been questioned when he refers to himself and to thee ones as “creatures”. Precious ones, all things or beings created by God are creatures, just as the label implies. I, Jesus Esu Sananda, am a creature of Father God. No insult, the supreme compliment of the universal existence. Perfection of form does not just happen in accidental bumbling. I will, however, clarify terminology to be more exacting of definition. Since the creations of Adam and Eve the human has been “born” rather than individually “created”, but, born in the image of the perfect creation and in likeness (soul essence) of God our Father. The birthed babe is blessed with the gift of “soul” by Father and agreement of spirit (Holy Ghost), and of the Son. We will discuss the patterns of possession of the child at a later time.

Well, precious ones, Lucifer blundered terribly—you would call it ego take-over in its finest hour. His “WILL” was his destruction for he used it wrongly, and since the perfection of the Garden of Eden it is used wrongly. Lucifer was given dominion over all magnificent creations of the spiritual world but his own perfection was his ultimate downfall. God realized there was the imperfection of unrighteousness within his being.

Lucifer was not content to “rule”, he proclaimed his “will” and chose to place himself above Creator. He proclaimed “I will ascend to Heaven” and “I will be worshiped as God Creator” and ultimately he confronted Creator and proclaimed “I WILL be like the Most High.”

When the confrontation occurred there was a great rebellion which erupted throughout the Universe. Lucifer led, of course, this revolution among the angelic realms. At least a third of the angels followed him into his downfall. He lost none of his perfection of beauty, intellect or power; therefore he could entice others of the angelic entities to join with him. What he lost forever more, was his personal relationship with Father God. He was not given the power to “create” and was destined forever more to need utilize “other” for his own experience. He was a being without nation or home, always to be apart from Creator.


Lucifer became the first imperfect, unrighteous (sinful) creature. He and his angels were brought to trial before God and JUDGMENT was pronounced upon him. The realms of perfection were now imperfect. His name of perfection (Lucifer) was stricken from him and he was called Satan, the Devil (The Evil One). This was the birth of “evil” for it passed beyond the acts of mere “sinful behavior”.

Dharma, it is alright for I stand beside you. Rest a moment for you must understand. As free-will entities, you are forever in the presence of the energy of Satan. I “qualify” your shield of protection. I STAND BETWEEN THEE AND HIM BUT HIS PRESENCE IS RECOGNIZED BY THEE AND YE SICKEN. LET IT BE, CHILD, LET IT BE. THE CHILL WILL PASS. YE CANNOT UTILIZE HIS NAME WITHOUT HIS APPEARANCE; JUST AS YE CANNOT USE OF MINE, “JESUS”, WITHOUT MY PRESENCE. HE CANNOT SURVIVE EVEN IN MY SHADOW FOR I REPRESENT OUR FATHER CREATOR AND I AM CLOAKED IN HIMSELF. I AM! Just rest a moment, chela, I shall tend thee.

Ye weep for him. I weep for him. He is lost to all Glory, all beauty; he has no place except by using another’s. Only the angelic spirits and humans have the gift of free-will choice. His ultimate plan is to get enough of thy God energies (souls) “on his side” in mass, through thy free-will choice, to again confront God. He knows he cannot prevail but millions of souls will remain or pass into torment with him and his false promises. He has but to return in honor unto Father but he chooses to remain an alien to the Holy Realms.


Dharma, ye were not chosen for thy weakness; ye were chosen for thy strength. So be it, chela, there are ones who will stand with you. Yes, we are going to set some misconceptions into order. So be it, that is our purpose, that you ones can know what ye are about.

What about my churches, you ask. What about my churches? Be patient, I shall get around to “my” “churches”. They are contaminated by Satan, but all are not lost unto me. However, when you reach the level of a democratic vote to accept “evil” within, ye are in serious trouble. Serious indeed! We will speak later of these things; I wish to continue that you might know “how” it came to thus on thy beauteous place.

God created the Angelic Realms before he created the Universe. However, he created the material universe before the Angelic revolt. There is a great and tremendously important “gap” in sequence of knowledge upon thy place about that period of experience. The following will also account for the discrepancies in belief of how and in what time-frame recognized by ye ones, the earth experienced development.

Yes, Dharma, I know you do not wish to write these things. I am who I say I am and I, Jesus, speak Truth and place of My seal upon the words. Do you not recognize of Aton, child? So be it, for the way must be shown. The “beginning” is important because it is the cause of the “ending” of the story. See ye not? The ultimate battle of all is between the fallen one, Satan, and ME! Now, is the time for the claiming of thy souls and the sorting. I hold thine very tenderly. Very tenderly.

Yes, I know. If ye put these words to paper ye become either the greatest fool of all creation or the true bringer of “Truth” to a very troubled land. ’Tis thy choice, child, ’tis thy choice.


Once ye begin, ye cannot turn back. Ye will not be discounted by as many as ye believe. The Evil One, himself, stands in wait for thy decision. How can it be thee? Oh, precious one, open thine memory and allow thy knowledge to come forth. It MUST be thee! It MUST BE, FOR YE ASKED. Ye are an old, old soul—a master teacher, and ye asked! YE ASKED, AND I, THE LORD THY GOD, ACCEPTED! It is time, also, for those ones around you to waken from their sleep and recognize of their journey upon this wondrous place. Take a respite now and go ponder these things; I will not leave of thee but ye must come to thine own decision. Read of the words thus written and ye will know of the Truth. I hold thee most gently in my protection, but ye have to decide alone; there are some things that none can do for thee, ’tis thine alone. FEAR NOT FOR I AM WITH THEE EVEN UNTO THE ENDING OF TIME. AHO. COME WALK WITH ME, TARRY WITH ME AND COME FORTH INTO THY BALANCE. IT SHALL COME TO BE IN THY TIME UPON THIS PLACE. IT IS SO AND SO BE IT.