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Message from Creator God Aton (Updated July 28, 2007)

Anne Bellringer

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y that I tell you these messages, as the culmination of Earth Shan’s greatest joy is upon her, the balance and harmony she so long has desired. Even though it comes at the stroke of midnight just before her birthing into 5th dimension, the last stroke of the midnight bell, peace is coming upon your orb, and the completion of the NESARA mission so long anticipated is here.

You know that the dark ones have never upheld their agreements to have NESARA announced, and to return to your Constitution of the Republic or to allow any kind of funding to the people. It does not matter what papers were signed, for they only follow their own goal, which is total control of your planet and her people to their advantage. They are not about to quit their horrendous plans to destroy the U.S., making it a third world country using the influx of millions of aliens, bringing down the economy, combining the U.S., Canada and Mexico into one nation, the continued program of a Police State, and in every way making themselves Kings with the rest of the populace, they have allowed to live, as slaves unto death.

They have refused to turn to the Light. They have broken all agreements. They have continually destroyed not only Mother Earth but millions of innocent men, women and children, all for the sake of owning all the oil in the world. Creator God has put out warnings through the Global Family, and the U.S. and other countries signed agreements to abide by the new rules. However, these rules, as far as they are concerned, have been utterly ignored and trashed. They have laughed in the face of the Lighted Realms and taunted those, who would disagree with them.

The latest plan is to bomb Iran, Syria and Pakistan with nuclear war within the month of August, 2007, or sooner.

Mother Earth has had enough of the evil ones. I, too, as well as Creator Source have had enough of this evil on Mother Earth. There are ones upon your orb known as the Secret Society, who have been watching these evil ones. The Laws of God and Creation state that you shall not murder another human being. However, killing someone in self-defense is allowed, as that person is defending his/her own life.

The human life on this orb is in dire straights. Therefore, I have spoken my word that killing these Illuminati is within the Laws of God and Creation, as they are killing humanity. It is, therefore, sanctioned by the Laws of God and Creation to defend the human life on this planet. Is that clear, Secret Society? It is defending the life on this orb.

This may sound harsh, but this is the Law of God and Creation in that you must defend yourself against those, who would kill you and your family. These Dark Ones care nothing of the people upon this orb, and have demonstrated their will to murder, rape, pillage, and destroy. They would destroy Mother Earth totally, if it came to losing their power. Therefore, the order to eliminate these evil ones has been given.

The NESARA Mission shall be accomplished, and accomplished soon! There is no time to wait around and try to make agreements with the evil ones. No agreement can be made and held by them, except for their own evil agenda. Mother Earth stands in the balance at this time. She has not moved into her birthing, but each day is closer. A nuclear war blast, even though outlawed by Creation, is not a problem for the evil ones, for they follow their own leader, Satan, and do not adhere to Creation.

The funding packets have been slowly delivered. Your media has absolutely refused to cooperate in the NESARA Announcement, so these evil leaders of the media are on the Secret Society “elimination” list.

The wheels of Justice turn slowly, but they turn surely. It is now time for those in charge of the Announcement to step forward in FATIH, asking the Lighted Realms and ANGELS for help in accomplishing, what they think is impossible. The mouths of the lions shall be shut, and though these ones “walk through fire” to make the NESARA announcement, nothing and no one can harm them, if they but ask for help and believe they have it.

We of the Lighted Hosts are allowing many of our starships to be visible to many people, mainly in Europe and Great Britain. The people in the U.S. are still blinded by the One World Order (OWO) and the lights of physical attraction, but many are awakening to the horrible Truth of your despotic ruler. Your cloned Congress is only doing lip service to the people they supposedly serve, and therefore only promote the OWO.

The noose is tightening around the necks of these would-be-rulers, and they face, surely, elimination through assassination or hanging for high treason.

Creator Source has called a halt to this evil, as it is way past time. The evil ones are to meet their own demise. If you kill “by the sword”, surely you shall reap the same, and that time has now come to reap what they have sown.

Do not fret nor worry about the funding or the NESARA announcement, as this is coming for the West, as surely as you see the sun rise each day. The great Plan for the East and West is coming together, and I see peace and balance brought at last to Mother Earth before her graduation.

Although you have seen and heard very little about the earthquake and volcanic activity of Mother Earth for the last month, does not mean all has subsided. No, you are not being told the truth through any of these government websites. Mother Earth is in serious change, and she does not want a nuclear war to burst upon her surface. This would not only destroy her, but rip the fabric of the Universe in which she dwells. THIS CANNOT be tolerated, and that is why it is time for these evil ones to be gone from your orb, either by their own physical death, or their elimination to save Mother Earth and her people.

I leave you with these words for thinking. God’s Plan 2000 is here! The Light has won! Know that your long wait for the NESARA announcement is now over and is planned for Friday evening, July 27. There are not many more packets to deliver, so be hopeful for tonight and tomorrow for that completion.

[INSERT July 28, 2007, CREATOR GOD ATON: "So, when is the NESARA announcement? The noose is tightening on the evil Cabal, and the pressure is on the NESARA Mission team to GET THIS DONE BEFORE THE END OF JULY. They are scrambling to get it done, and have finally asked the Lighted Realms for help. I know they shall come through! Just know that it is a matter of freewill.]

I AM THAT I AM. I am Creator God Aton of the One Light of Creation. Salu to mine faithful CREW.