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Good afternoon, little one. It is I, Aton, The One Light! Be at peace and relax, for I am with you always. I have come directly myself so that there be no misperception by anyone.

Wake up, little ones! Your reality of experiencing is fast approaching a massive shift and many of you are still awaiting YOUR sign from Me or one of my Angels. Consider this YOUR sign, for there is no more direct a sign than one of this type.

Calm yourselves, get quiet, and go within and hear my voice for yourself!

I am your Inner Voice when you quiet the confusion of mental calculations, concerns, and worry. I am the Consciousness that allows you to perceive self. You each can and do hear Me, but very few ever listen, let alone pay attention. Quit awaiting another to hear on your behalf! Accept who you are and allow for My quiet Inner Voice to be heard directly.

Let there be no excuses!

You each have what is necessary and it is now time to accept responsibility for yourself. Quit taking for granted that you will always have access to this information source, for you will NOT! In the upcoming times on your planet, all will be in chaos, and there will not be a weekly newspaper coming to your mailboxes.

What will you do then? Will you claim to be a victim because you did not get your mail?

Many have accepted this responsibility for self and are “hearing” quite well. But, many more are still sitting upon the fence of procrastination, self doubt, and fear. This is to say that the majority reading this are too busy making excuses for self instead of disciplining self to go within and connect for self.

Note I said discipline. For those of you who THINK that taking drugs will somehow enable you to connect more easily, you are GREATLY mistaken. The drugs will only assist you in mentally escaping reality, whereas self-discipline will only serve to clarify your reality. The low-frequency ones (dark ones) will always come to soothe you while in a drugged state, for you are easily distracted away from recognizing the true Inner Potential of your being, and thus they win.

Quit fooling yourselves, for the only true path towards spiritual en-Light-enment (Understanding) is through mental and emotional discipline. Some will call this meditation; others will move beyond the limitations of such words and realize that they can be walking down the street, talk ing with others, while still maintaining what many would refer to as a “meditative” (connected) state. This can only be achieved through self-discipline and a strong desire to forever progress forward in understanding and in application of that understanding.

Quit talking and start doing for yourselves!

You need no gurus, avatars, or anything of the sort. You have ME—Creator God! Learn to hear MY voice within. It may very well sound like your voice to you, but remember that you are borne of MY DESIRE and MY WILL.

You are a part of Me and I am a part of you. I gave you free will to choose as you may desire. You are free to choose to allow for MY WILL to be yours. I promise that the experience will be both challenging and quite rewarding, and that your life will take on a significant meaning.

None of you are ever too old or too young to allow for this Inner Connection. Many of you will claim that you are too busy and that you do not have the time to sit and listen within. I say: turn off your televisions and radios, and devote to yourself 15 minutes of quiet time. Most of you watch or listen to these electronic devices several hours a day.

You can hear Me while we wash your dishes or the car. You can hear Me while we drive to or from work each day. Yes, my scribe, I said “we”, for I am with EACH of you always. It is you who choose to ignore this fact. Most of you simply tune Me out, and thus the perception of being disconnected.

I have sent many a Messenger to you ones, and yet many of you do not want to truly accept the messages offered and will simply await the next message or Messenger, not realizing that they have just given you the key that will unlock unlimited resources within you.

It is not difficult to connect within. It is easy and natural and you ALL do it already. YOU ALL “CHANNEL” ME—GOD!

Channel is a bad word to use for most of you, but it will have meaning to others. View it as allowing yourself to “tune-in” to the proper mental awareness (frequency) and you will be finding the “channel” for communicating. Like a radio must be tuned to the proper frequency (station) in order to hear the message offered, so too must you each learn to recognize, within, your ability to “tune-in”.

Once you recognize this connection, you will wonder how you ever missed it in the first place. Again, it is as natural as is your breathing. Like the breath that nourishes your physical body, I give forth Life Energy that allows for you to have consciousness and awareness.

Re-read the messages that I have sent through my various Messengers, for they are all focused upon getting you each to learn to help yourself. No one will do it for you, but many will assist you if you ask for and ALLOW for the assistance.

Your physical environment is a perfect schoolroom for generating optimal conditions that will cause you each to desire to tap into your own unique God-self potential. This need not be through harsh, cataclysmic events. However, it seems to be the “pound of cure” that motivates your species moreso than the “ounce of prevention” approach.

By now you all should be prepared with several months worth of food and water for your physical survival needs. If you have made excuses for not having done so, then that is your choice. Will you be among the desperate scavengers who will take another’s food out of desperation and lack of fortuitous insight? Will your family go hungry because you are “too busy” to take reasonable precautions? Is your conscience bothering you? Hmmm...wonder Who that might be?

This is offered as a reminder to many of you that responsibility for yourself and those children entrusted into your care begins within. There will be many ones of reasonable intelligence and ability who will simply perish due to ignorance of this Inner Connection to Higher Guidance. Will you be among them? Anyone reading this will have no excuse to offer.

If you find yourself denying this message as being of little or no importance to you, then you do so out of fear of personal responsibility for self and no other reason.

I am Aton. My name translates into English as “The One Light”. I am Father-God. I am. Salu.