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Master Germain

[Affirmation on discordant feeling within our world]

“We call to the attention of every one the things you require. As long as you allow human feelings to govern and give voice to your unkind feelings, you will be deprived of your very heart’s desire. It is the Law of Life. Precious ones, it is no one’s desire, but you are the CAUSE in your world and if you send forth discordant activities and feelings, then you must reap just that! Nothing can prevent it but yourself. If you understand not, that which I am giving—go back and restudy (until you understand it) the JOURNAL just preceding this, LIGHT.

I offer you this, wipe out in one sweep every discordant feeling within your world—your own feeling world—the say “Mighty I AM Presence, take out of me everything less than your Perfection; sweep through my world and activity; reach out Your Hand and, through me, bless all I contact with such an outpouring of Thine Light and Love; than no longer is there anything left but just your Mighty Perfection in action” All can have and do this if they but will. Repeat this affirmation until it becomes a part of thine very thought-beingness.

Each one can be blessed, and be such a blessing to one another, that the whole planet will turn and look in gratitude to you; but as long as discord reigns within your feeling world, all good is repelled. Rejoice always when anyone can release a greater power of Love than can you. Let that be an example for you to release more Love. Then you, too, will stand with equal power in the Great Out-Pouring of Love; and call all mankind to you for their release and KNOWING.

You are privileged this day, beloved ones, for it is the greatest ever known to mankind. It is a privilege to serve at this time of crisis of mankind. The important thing is not just your individual requirement. Think of the need of your nation and your world. Unless mankind can have the protection which is needed, their hope is gone. The glimmer of HOPE is all that holds the fabric together as is.

Will you not bear with Me just a few minutes to hear these things? Think of it, beloved ones. I have worked for America and you for well over two hundred years and more, in your own counting, for the mission was given unto me. I could say to you that I have worked for you for seventy thousand and more, years. Will you not join Me now, in such harmony within your senses to your fellow-man and all things that the power of YOUR presence, to whom I have called your attention, can bring such release unto you and your world that every one of mankind will be blessed forever by it. It is too mushy in sounding or hopeless in scope that you must avoid and deny? I have had the patience, along with my  brethren, to go on and on and on—can you not have a little patience to walk with us until you can “see” for selves the Truth of thine existence? If you but give patiently and accept as patiently—harmony in your feelings the discordant things will pass and mankind can return into balance and harmony with his expression.

We have come from the realm of the Masters so that you will not be left to fight your battles alone—we could have gone on within that realm, but we did not. The beloved messengers have come again into your consciousness so that you might be given into understanding.

As long as you respond to denial of the Presence, you will be given into limitation. Unless you free yourselves and your world from it, you will not know that Freedom, Perfection and happiness as comes from the Lighted experience.

The opportunity offered only after centuries is again open to you, to glorify yourself in he Perfection of the LIFE which beats your heart. You cannot be disconnected from IT and live. Therefore, your Life is your Light! If you will thank and praise, revere and honor the Life which beats our heart, then you have more of Life Power. Your Life is God, the Governor of the Universe within The Creation. It will bless you as nothing else in the world can do, if you but give it the opportunity.

Demand that yourself remain only within the Light—that all of dark intent be removed and cast away from your being. Know that within the Light, no human physical thing can touch of your shield.

This is the purpose and glory of mankind. You are the Light of the worlds. Do you know that? Do you know that you, who have this understanding and KNOWING are the Light of the worlds of God? If you remain within and cast without that Light, it will pour forth in, through and out into your world in the magnificent waves of pulsation which IS.

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