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Jesus Sananda, Lord Michael, St. Germain

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For example, it is not your fault that your husband is an alco­holic and beats you, or that your parents abandoned you, or that you were fired from your job, or that your government leaders are corrupt, or that we have gone to war and on and on and on.

What the Anti-Christ within is actually telling YOU is that you are not responsible for the experiences in your manifested real­ity. This false belief causes you to cast BLAME on another or others and not take personal responsibility for YOU creating the manifested experience through the influence of the Anti­-Christ within you.

Ones will often times argue with this truth and say, "Well, I cannot control the free-will of another who chooses to be angry with me, or steal from me, how can I be responsible for the be­havior or actions of another?" It is true YOU are not re­sponsible for the free-will behavior of another, BUT you ARE responsible for "buying into" THEIR games and making your­self a VICTIM to it. YOU choose how you will RESPOND in ALL circumstances. Remember THE LAW OF ONE? The Anti-Christ within THEM is the same Anti-Christ that YOU choose to allow to exist within you. The Anti-Christ is looking for a place to reflect itself, and YOU choose whether or not you will reflect back the Anti-Christ or whether you will recognize the trap and instead reflect back the Divine Love of the Father Within which therefore leaves the Anti-Christ nowhere to roost within YOUR temple of GOD.

Here is a portion of a most wondrous prayer by Hatonn which is helpful to remember in your daily communion with God and in times when you feel you could be lured into the Anti-Christ drama of another. "Father, let me always allow YOUR will to manifest through me that I stand in judgment of no man and yet wisely judge that which is given in action against YOUR HOLY PRESENCE."

(Hatonn: Oh yes, I hear you--" ... if YOUR higher self is God, Hatonn--then how can you speak and say how to speak to God?" Simple--because I, therefore, know that which God hears and honors--just as so should YOU!  Let us put it this way" ... if the message of the horse comes directly from that horse's mouth………!!?)

You see, whether you are aware of it or not, you are uncon­sciously manifesting ALL within your scope of reality mostly with your "altered" ego. The beautiful thing about this truth is that when it is realized, one can become a conscious creator of a truly balanced manifested experience by surrendering his altered ego to the loving Divine God within him and so thereby balancing all of his creation within the Laws of God and The Creation.





Of course, you know by now self-punishment is encouraged for "past" sins (errors). Which is really your altered ego unworthiness (inferiority/superiority) which we discussed ear­lier, expressing itself in the following ways: Criticism of self and others, greed, lust, jealousy, envy, guilt, shame, self-doubt, depression, helplessness, anger, hatred, resentment, impatience which leads to frustration, illnesses and diseases which lead to the death wish of the body. Self-punishment is the effectof the causeof believing the lies of the Anti-Christ. This may con­tinue, life-time after life-time, the poor immortal soul becomes self-locked onto the wheel of reincarnations (Hatonn: Oh yes there IS! And if you believe otherwise, so be it for it is you who are the misinformed. Reincarnation does not necessarily mean that you return to this placement, even--but if you do not believe in reincarnation (re-experience of the soul in manifestation--somewhere) then by deductions taken further--you DO NOT BE­UEVE IN GOD'S HEAVENLY REALMS, EITHER. You cannot have one without the other and because this is such a powerful Truth, it was deliberately removed from the books you, as hu­mans, would call your Holy Books in the form of the Holy Bible as you label it. The fact remains in the ancient teachings and you ones, this day, are facing an enemy who DOES know of life experience after this one and KNOWS this is but a passing ex­perience.)and seeks to punish himself for his perceived sins of the past in hopes of redeeming himself to his Creator God. If he just understood the power and importance of forgiveness and release of his "past" and adhering to the laws set forth by God and The Creation, he would be free of his bondage in an instant.

Yes, God created "Cause and Effect" so that each soul could grow in his awareness and become empowered with the true responsibility he has of his thoughts, words, deeds and actions. In other words, so that he could recognize his power and the importance of responsible God-Balanced manifestation.