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Jesus Sananda, Lord Michael, St. Germain

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14.  You  must  honor  all  commitments

made  in  service  to  God,  The  Father,

The  One  Within.

Now let us describe what commitments are made in service to GOD verses commitments of this manifested illusion.  Your MOST IMPOR­TANT commit­ment in service to GOD is to WISELY understand and obey THE LAWS OF GOD AND THE CREATION which we are un­folding for you here.  This is THE excellent way for honoring self and GOD within ALL oth­ers in service to God and The Creation.  Simply, UNDER­STAND AND OBEY THE LAWS OF GOD AND THE CRE­ATION.  You ones have made this commit­ment difficult unto your­selves and it needn’t any longer be so.  YOU NOW HAVE THE LAWS BE­FORE YOU and you need not any longer claim ignorance or misun­derstanding.  DO YOU SEE?! Claim YOUR DIVINE HOLY GODNESS NOW! WE ARE ALL ONE! THE TIME IS NOW BEFORE YOU TO KNOW AND OWN THE TRUTH!

Now let us discuss the “other” types of commitments made by first defining what “commitment” means in Funk & Wagnal’s Dictionary: “1. The act of committing (to devote oneself unre­servedly), or the state of be­ing committed.  2. An engagement or pledge to do something.”  Other commit­ments which are made in service to GOD include marriage, par­enthood, feeding and tending the physically hungry, poor and ill, and SPREAD­ING THE WORD OF TRUTH ABOUT THE SPIRIT OF GOD AND THE CREATION to ALL of your spiri­tually ignorant and starved brethren who will listen.

Now a commitment you make to “buy” a house or car on “credit” to be paid by FUTURE income, is shaky at best for both parties agreeing to these terms.  “Credit” in this circum­stance is a promise to pay later at some desig­nated future time.  Many families are now finding and many more will find that they cannot honor this promise to pay because many have lost or will lose their jobs and thus do not have the “income” to pay.  This is an exam­ple of a com­mitment which is NOT in service to God.  TRILLIONS of credit “dollars” have been made BY FEW by the manipulation of “credit” and so, too, has TRILLIONS been LOST by the MANY who have become trapped in obli­gations they cannot pay for.  There are thousands of examples of “commitments” made of this type.

So if you make a promise or commitment to a fellow brother or sister to help them in some way such as pay them for a service performed for you, or to feed their pets and take care of their home while they are away, then your WORD represents your integrity to honor to the best of your ability ALL promises made to the other.  Your personal power is in direct rela­tionship to the integrity of your soul.  This means that if your word of promise or com­mitment means nothing, then you dishonor yourself, your brethren and GOD and be­come “powerless” and thus a tool for evil.  So the moral of this story is: think very carefully about ANY promises or commitments you make BEFORE you GIVE YOUR WORD.  Do not give your word for some future “promise” unless you are CERTAIN you will be able to keep your word.  And be certain you completely UNDER­STAND what any promise, oath or com­mitment, that is asked of you on this plane, MEANS before you give YOUR WORD to it.  Be­cause if you are not careful as in the case of many so-called “secret” organiza­tions, so­cieties and “Mystery Schools”, your commitment to them may mean your inadvertent commitment TO EVIL.  A commitment made to EVIL or Sa­tan is NOT a commitment made IN SERVICE TO GOD and therefore is not recognized BY GOD!!!